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Who we are helping

The range of applications we receive through our charity are diverse and here’s some examples of where your generous contributions have made a difference.

Santa visiting children as part of the Thomas Cook Children's Charity

Who we've helped so far

Individual equipment for children
Motorised baths, hoists, prams, bicycles and even a wet suit for a child with a feeding tube who wasn’t able to swim with siblings.

Building schools
Built schools in Mexico and the Gambia and a library in a school in Kenya and recently installed disabled play equipment into a school in Glasgow.

Working with the NHS
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital; Leicester’s Congenital Heart Unit; Peterborough & Stamford Special Care Baby Unit and Birmingham hospital. Also overseas with hospitals in Dominican Republic, Goa and Romania.

Sport England
The Children’s Charity became its first ever partner in 2011 providing additional funds to its Inspired Facilities programme, the Olympic Legacy Programme.

Together for Short Lives
Commitment to invest £1 million over the next three years to ensure that each of the 43 children’s hospices across the UK & Ireland receive either a refurbishment of existing or the building of new facilities.

Funding the National Junior Games for three years enabling more than 700 disabled young people to experience a wide range of sports. Potentially building Paralympians of the future.

Just a Drop
We have Just completed our third year of support for Just a drop which has enabled them to install clean, safe drinking water into three villages in Uganda and a community near to Mexico City.