Latest news from Thomas Cook Airlines

Friday 12 July 2019

Today Thomas Cook has announced that it is in advanced discussions with Fosun Tourism and our core lending banks to inject £750 million of new money into the business.

Under the plan our Tour Operator would be majority-owned by Fosun Tourism, our biggest shareholder and the owner of Club Med, with the Airline staying under the ownership of Thomas Cook Group plc. The Airline and Tour Operator will continue to work closely together, like they do today.

Holidays and flights will not be impacted and will continue to operate as normal. All of our holidays are still ATOL-protected, and you can book your holidays and flights with confidence.

Watch a video with Peter Fankhauser, here

Should I be worried about my holiday or flight?

No - Thomas Cook is here to stay. Today we have announced plans for Thomas Cook’s future. It will have no impact on our customers who can continue to book holidays and flights with confidence. We’re looking forward to taking the 11 million customers who have booked with us on holiday this summer.

Is my holiday booking safe?

Yes. Our holiday and flights are not affected by today’s news. Our holidays remain ATOL-protected, so customers can book with confidence.

Am I still going on holiday with Thomas Cook or is it with another company?

The proposed investment does not affect any customer bookings. We are still Thomas Cook, and all of our flights and holidays remain exactly the same.

What about future bookings?

Today’s news is targeting an injection of £750 million of new money into Thomas Cook with the support of our biggest shareholder and trusted partner and core lending banks, helping us to invest for the future. That means our millions of customers should continue to book and travel with us in confidence.

Will I still fly with Thomas Cook Airlines/Condor as part of my package holiday?

Yes. Today’s news has no impact on our holidays or flights – all customers who have booked with us will go on holiday as planned.

I have a flight-only ticket with Thomas Cook Airlines/Condor? Is it still valid?

The announcement we have made today has no impact on customers who have booked with us or are planning to book in the future. Customers can continue to book flights with confidence.

I don’t have travel insurance, should I be worried or take out insurance?

Today’s news has no impact on our holidays or flights, but we always advise our customers to take out a reliable travel insurance package. For more information, please visit  insurance page.