US Customer Commitment

US Secure & API (Advance Passenger Information)

For scheduled flights to/from the USA.


For security reasons the US, most EU States, and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advanced Passenger Information (API). API is designed to enhance border security by providing Border Control Agencies with pre-arrival and departure manifest data on all passengers.

The Advanced Passenger Information Thomas Cook Airlines collects from you includes your passport details and for customers travelling to the USA, the 1st nights address in the USA. It is important that the information provided is accurate so you pass through check-in at your departure airport and Immigration on arrival in the USA without delay.

Thomas Cook Airlines strongly recommends that you provide the Advanced Passenger Information no later than 7 days before departure. (If you have booked within 7 days of departure your details will be collected at check-in).

All information provided by you, or on your behalf by a designated third party, must be true and correct. Thomas Cook Airlines will not be responsible for any refunds or costs you incur if you are denied boarding due to your failure to provide Advanced Passenger Information on our website or the information you provide is inaccurate.

Accurate completion of the Advanced Passenger Information (along with satisfying all other entry requirements such as holding any required visa and valid passport) establishes that you are eligible to travel, but does not establish that you are admissible at the port of entry at your destination. Upon arrival at your destination, you will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer at a port of entry who may determine that you are inadmissible for any reason under the laws of the country you are visiting.