Fees & charges

US fees & charges

Federal Register optional service fees

All prices and quantities below are based on your flight zone.

Our flight zones at a glance

Zone 1: Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal Mainland
Zone 2: Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Eqypt, Tunisia and Gambia
Zone 3: East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America
Zone 4: Southern Africa and Indian Ocean
Zone 5: USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

Our fares

Wherever you may be flying to, we offer several economy services over all travel zones. You can pay to add extras like meals, baggage and to reserve seats.

In zones 3 to 5 you can upgrade to Premium Class for extra legroom, our delicious Premium James Martin menu and much more. Additionally, our Flex Option gives you the opportunity to make changes to your booking if you need to.

See full details about the extras we offer here.

Flex Option

Our Flex Option is perfect for passengers who need maximum flexibility. It allows you to change your itinerary up to three times up until 24 hours before departure. Additionally, if you need to cancel your flights and do so at least 29 days before departure, we will refund the full fare for a fee of £35.00/€50.00 (Zone 1 & 2) or £50.00/€70.00 (Zone 3 - 5). The Flex Option is available for all routes but the price depends on your flight and rate. The Flex Option price depends on your flight and class.

Flex Option is available for all fares except Economy Light.

Economy Class service

Zones 1 & 2

In our Economy Class the choice is yours. Pre-book your in-flight James Martin* meal according to your needs (such as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and gluten-free)** and check out the delicious selection of on-board menus here. On board we also have a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks for purchase available. You will find prices in the drinks menu in the seat pocket in front of you.

During your flight, we offer you an entertainment and audio programme**. Enjoy a large selection of movies, TV series, and music or follow the progress of your flight on our map. An overview of our current program is available online. The in-flight entertainment programme at a glance.

*Only available on flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines UK (Carrier Code: MT)
** Not James Martin branded.

Zones 3-5
Look forward to a complementary three course James Martin meal* with your choice of tea, coffee or soft drink. For your thirst you can find prices for a variety of drinks in the drinks menu in the seat pocket in front of you.

Plug in to your state of the art in-flight entertainment on-demand system for the latest blockbuster movies, your favourite classic movies, hit TV shows and radio channels. Headphones can be purchased for £3.00/€3.50. The in-flight entertainment programme at a glance. For any other extra purchases to make your flight more convenient find more information in our Extras section. Online check-in is available from 24 hours prior to departure.**

*Only available on flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines UK (Carrier Code: MT) On flights departing from the US, meals will not be James Martin Meals.
**Online Check-in is available to you on selected routes with a Thomas Cook Group Airlines aircraft and flight numbers starting with DE, MT or HQ.

Premium Class

We all deserve a little indulgence and our Premium Class service ensures that your flight is even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Some of the benefits:

• 25kg baggage allowance included
• Hand baggage allowance increased to 10kg
• Free seat reservation

Our onboard services:

• Carefully selected menus
• Complimentary soft drinks throughout the flight and alcoholic drinks with meal service
• Complimentary headphones
• Wide range of magazines

While at the airport:

• Separate check-in counters
• Free Sundown and Online check-in
• Fast Lane usage (if airport participates)

See our Fares page for more information. 

Baggage allowances

Hand baggage

  • In Economy Light and Economy Class, adults and children between 2 and 12 years are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage weighing up to 6 kg free of charge.
  • In premium class one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 10kg is free.
  • The dimensions of your carry-on baggage may not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm.
  • You may also bring a small handbag, a laptop/tablet including case, and an umbrella on board.

Our ground and cabin crew are obliged, for safety reasons, to stow non-permissible items of baggage in the hold with the other baggage. Should your hand baggage exceed the maximum permissible weight limit, we are entitled to charge you an extra fee for excess baggage. Excess baggage rates apply. Please bear in mind that items not suitable for transport in the hold such as cam-eras and valuables must be stored in carry-on baggage.

Traveling with infants: If you are traveling with infants, you can additionally check a buggy, baby cot or car seat free of charge. Please be aware that infants are not entitled to bring their own cabin baggage.

See our hand baggage page.

Hold baggage

You can book baggage online either during your flight booking journey or at any time before your flight (subject to restrictions).

The stated free baggage allowance applies to each person. Added together, the external dimensions of each baggage item must not exceed 158 cm (length + width + height). If the stated free baggage allowance is exceeded, excess baggage charges are imposed. Please note that for safety and occupational health reasons (loading by baggage handlers), more than 32 kg (70lb) per item is not accepted as baggage. This rule applies regardless of the free baggage allowance. Additional terms and conditions apply if your journey includes feeder or connecting flights operated by other airlines.

Go to our hold baggage page for more information. 

Book baggage in advance and save up to 50%

Some of our routes include baggage; If you need to add baggage you can do it when you book your flight or at any time before your flight departs (subject to restrictions) through Manage My Booking or by calling our Customer Help Desk (telephone service fee may apply).

USA flights

USA flight only fares, except Economy Light, include a 23kg checked baggage allowance and 6kg hand baggage. (Economy Light, long haul, includes 6 kg hand baggage and no hold baggage.)

If you're travelling with more than one person on a booking, you can combine your baggage allowance together as long as any one case does not exceed 30kg in weight. Excluding flight only USA bookings where only one piece is allowed. There are no size restrictions on checked-in baggage.

Baggage weight allowances

Zones 1 & 2


Economy Light

Economy Class

Adults (and children under 12 years)

Not included

Not included

Infants (under 2 years)

Not included

10 kg

Zones 3 & 4


Economy Light

Economy Class

Premium Class

Adults (and children under 12 years)

Not included

20 kg

25 kg

Infants (under 2 years)

Not included

10 kg

10 kg

Zone 5 (piece concept)


Economy Light

Economy Class

Premium Class

Adults (and children under 12yrs)

Not included

1 x 23 kg

1 x 32 kg

Infants (under 2yrs)

Not included

1 x 10 kg

1 x 10 kg

Subject to change without notice.

Baggage allowance for flights starting in Brazil


Economy Light

Economy Class

Premium Class

Adults (and children under 12yrs)

Not included

2 x 32 kg

2 x 32 kg

Infants (under 2yrs)

Not included

1 x 23 kg

1 x 23 kg

Subject to change without notice. Please note that baggage charges are non-refundable.

Pre-book any excess baggage

If you get to the airport and your bags weigh more than you have reserved then you will be charged an excess baggage fee. Thanks to our extra baggage allowance packages* with simple, convenient booking in advance, you can save up to 50% compared to excess baggage rates at the airport. You will also receive a special rate when you book at least 30 days prior to departure.

The best way to increase your allowance is online and avoid higher charges at the airport, see table below for details and head over to Manage My Booking to pre-book online. Excess baggage can be booked up to 8 hours before your flight departs, for more information about our Travel Zones click here.


Zone 1

Zone 2

Zones 3 & 4 

5 kg




10 kg




Please note that on USA flights extra baggage in kgs cannot be added but an extra 23kg piece can be purchased for £50. 

Excess baggage charges at the airport

Haven't pre-purchased your hold baggage? Don’t worry, it's possible to arrange this at the airport as one piece of 20 kg. On Thomas Cook Group Airlines flights, the following excess baggage charges apply to bags that exceed the permitted baggage allowance:

See more information about our Travel Zones here.

Zone 5
Per one-way flight

2nd baggage item (up to max. 23 kg)

3rd baggage item (up to max. 23 kg)

Surcharge for dimensions exceeding 158 cm

Surcharge for weight exceeding 23 kg*

Surcharge for dimensions and weight exceeding 158 cm and 23 kg

Airport Price Zone 5






Subject to change without prior notice. *Please note that for safety and occupational health reasons (loading by baggage handlers), more than 32kg (70lb) per item is not accepted as baggage. This rule applies regardless of the free baggage allowance and bought extra luggage. Baggage charges are non-refundable.

Sports Equipment and other baggage

Planning an active break and want to take your own sporting equipment with you? Arrange carriage before you fly to take advantage of the best prices and guarantee space on the flight.

All Thomas Cook Group Airlines transport one of the sports equipment items listed below (up to 20 kg) per passenger at the stated price in the tables found here. All additional sports equipment items will be charged the regular excess baggage fee per kilo and must be transported separately. 

Item/s that are not pre-purchased will be charged excess baggage fees and are subject to load and cannot be guaranteed. The carriage of sporting equipment on transfer coaches are subject to space and extra charges may apply.

Group A


Golf clubs (full sets) can be pre-purchased prior to travel. Prices are per person and all clubs must be suitably packed and not exceed 20kg in weight per person. Due to weight restrictions we can only carry a limited number of golf clubs and other sporting equipment on each flight. 

Diving gear (separately packed)

Scuba diving equipment up to 20kg weight can be pre-purchased prior to travel. Prices are per person and equipment should be pack separately from other baggage as it may need to be checked at check-in.

Scuba tanks are only conveyed if empty with open valves. Taking diving lights on board in carry-on baggage must be reported to the check-in staff. Deactivated diving lights (the bulb and rechargeable battery must be removed).

Passengers with a valid PADI/BSAC certificate

If you have pre-purchased your scuba diving equipment and you hold a valid PADI/BSAC certificate which must be presented at the check in desk, you will be entitled to an additional 5 kg weight allowance, free of charge. The additional 5 kg will be added at the check in desk.

Sporting firearms

Firearms of up to 20 kg in weight (treated as excess baggage thereafter) must be carried in the hold of the aircraft. Prices are per person. You must carry the necessary license with you. Sporting firearms will only be transported in safety mode and unloaded in commercially available sporting firearms cases. Up to three firearms in one case. A maximum of 5 kg of ammunition can be carried separately from the firearm. Pre-booking is required.

Fishing equipment

You can take up to 20 kg of fishing equipment with you to include either one bait box, one haversack, one fishing basket or one box per flight. Catch is not included in fishing equipment.

For further information, please call Pre-Travel Services on 01733 224 330 (Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 22:00) who will be able to advice you on the availability and the cost for adding this sporting equipment.

Skis and water-skis

Passengers may carry 1 set of skis, 1 pair of ski boots, 1 helmet and 1 pair of ski sticks, however the combined weight should not exceed 20 kg. The maximum dimensions of: length 200 am x width 40 cm x height 80 cm. 

Group B

Surf boards, kite boards, para/hand gliders, body and boogie boards

Up to 30 kg, max. dimensions: 350 cm length x 70 cm width x 40 cm height.** Comprising 1 board + 1 mast + 1 sail or for kiteboards max. 2 boards, 3 kites, bar/harness and neoprene wetsuit all packed in 1 piece of baggage.

Canoe, kayak, inflatable rubber dinghy

Canoes of up to a maximum of 30 kg in weight can be carried. Prices are per person. Maximum length for canoe is 12 ft or 3.65 metres.

Hand glider

Up to 30 kg, max. dimensions: 400 cm length x 70 cm width x 55 cm height.**

Other sporting equipment

Any other sporting equipment (e.g. tennis, squash and badminton equipment, inline skates, archery bows, horse riding equipment, mountaineering equipment) not listed can also be included in your baggage allowance. For baggage that exceeds the stated allowance, excess baggage charges will apply. 

Charges will apply both from the UK and overseas destinations at the equivalent local currency if not stated as below:

  • Zone 1: £10.00 per kilo
  • Zone 2: £12.00 per kilo
  • Zones 3 & 4: £16 per kilo 

Subject to change without prior notice. Please consult your travel agency for the latest guidelines.

** Surcharge per flight (one-way) over 350 cm length: Zone 1 and 2 – £85.00/€100.00; Zone 3 to 5 – £125.00/ €150.00.

Regulations for flights operated by other airlines

Additional regulations may apply if you fly on airlines other than Thomas Cook Airlines, e.g. if feeder or connecting flights are operated by other airlines.

Seat reservation

Seat booking in advance

Take a seat. Make yourself comfortable and reserve your seat in advance. Choose between one of our popular extra legroom seats or simply make sure that you are seated next to whoever you're travelling with. You can reserve a seat up until 77 hours prior to departure. Seat Reservation prices depend on your route and seat choice and start from £20.00 one-way. Feel free to choose your favourite seat on our website or ask your travel and/or call centre agent for the latest price details.

Already booked your flight? Our choose your seat option can be added at the time of booking or can be added to your existing booking, all through our handy Manage My Booking facility. Please note that sometimes we may have to make changes on the day of departure that can result in withdrawal or changes to pre-booked flight services.

Special needs

We offer free seat reservation to the following:

  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Entirely abatic people

XL seats

XL seats are the seats situated at the emergency exit. Please bear in mind that, should you book an XL seat, you must be willing to assist the cabin crew in an emergency. That means you have to be able to follow the crew’s instructions in English. Our check-in agents and the cabin crew must verify the information you provide for safety reasons. We reserve the right to relocate you if necessary. 

Safety regulations prohibit the following passengers from sitting at the emergency exit:

  • Infants and children under 16 years of age
  • Passengers travelling with infants or children under 16 years of age
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Physically and/or mentally disabled passengers 
  • Passengers who are mobility-impaired due to age, illness, or body size

Take a look at our Seats page for full details.


Pre-ordered meals

Whatever you fancy, whatever time of day, we have something to please your palate. Even Top TV Chef, James Martin, has been busy in his kitchen preparing a unique in-flight menu that is sure to get your taste buds tingling.* Our meal choice serves various needs such as child-friendly, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Decide quickly and receive even more savings with our early booking discount only valid when booking 30 days or more prior to departure.

Meals start from £6.50. You can pre-order all our in-flight meals as you book your flight or afterwards, in your travel agency or by telephone in our customer service centre up to at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. We do not sell these meals on the plane, so customers are advised to pre-book to avoid their taste buds missing out. 

Of course, no meal would be complete without the right drink. Our in-flight service offers a wide choice of alcoholic or hot and cold drinks that leave nothing to be desired and each meal includes tea, coffee or squash.

On-board selection

If you feel like a little something in between, we offer a delicious selection of food and beverages that you can purchase right on board our flights. These on-board offerings can be paid cash or with a credit card during your flight.

Take a look at our full selection of delicious on-board meals here

Please note, dishes are subject to operational changes at any time.
*On flights departing from the USA, meals will not be James Martin meals.

3 for 2 bundles*

Book a bag, select a seat and you'll be entitled to a delicious James Martin meal on us. Don't miss out, this offer is only available at time of booking. 

Subject to change without prior notice. *Exclusively available on Thomas Cook Airlines UK flights with MT flight number.

In-flight entertainment

We are proud to offer you a selection of movie classics, the latest blockbusters and inspiring TV shows, wherever you fly with us.

Short & medium haul

If you are travelling on one of our A321’s/B757-200’s or B767s we will be showing either a blockbuster movie or a family classic! During your  flight, we offer you an extensive on demand entertainment program. Follow the progress of your flight in our Airshow or enjoy a large selection of movies, TV series, and music. You can use the video and audio program with standard headphones, which are also available on board for £3.00/€3.50. 

Long haul

If you are travelling with us on our long-haul A330 aircraft Premium you will receive complimentary access to the full entertainment Library of 30 movies, and over 50 hit TV shows.

On long-haul flights with our Boeing 767 and Airbus A330 fleet, a personal monitor is available to you in all classes, which you can use to personalize your entertainment program. Our Premium Entertainment program includes more than 30 movies and 50 TV-series as well as an interesting and varied range of music, comprising 24 radio channels and hundreds of audio CDs of all genres. If you are flying on one of our Boeing 757-200's or Boeing 767-300's, in-flight entertainment will be available from overhead screens.

Comprehensive Premium entertainment is available at no extra charge to Premium Class passengers. Economy Class passengers will be able to watch a limited selection of content for free. To upgrade to the full library you can purchase an access code on board for only £6.00/ €8,00. All customers have access to our extensive audio library of 24 radio channels and over 3,500 songs from a wide selection of hit albums. 

Priority Package

Beat the queues at the airport with our Priority Package*. With our Priority Package you can check-in directly at our Premium Class or dedicated Priority Counters. After your check-in, you can speed through the security check by using the “Priority Lane” at all participating airports. At the Gate you can be among the first boarding the aircraft. At the arrival airport your suitcase will be unloaded first and will be among the first on the carousel in the baggage claim area.

The Priority Package is available from £10.00/12.99 € and bookable up to 24 hours prior departure.

Click here to see participating airports. 


With our check-in options you can check-in online, via your mobile device or at a check-in machine – depending on your fare class. If you're flying Economy Light, check in online to avoid a fee at the airport. 

Online check-in

Within the online check-in you will have the opportunity to confirm or change the seat we have pre-selected for you. With just a few clicks you can change the seat to your preferred seat and obtain our Priority Package on top, with prices starting from just £16.00/€15.99*. Click here to find out more about our Priority Package. 

Premium Class passengers can use this service free of charge. If you are traveling with baggage that needs to be checked, please keep in mind the check-in closing times at the respective airports. In order to start your vacation without any delays, please be at the gate 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Please plan enough time for passport and security controls.

*Price applicable to zone 1 routes only. 

Please note that Online Check-in is available to you on selected routes with a Thomas Cook Group Airlines aircraft and flight numbers starting with DE, MT or HQ.

Restrictions for online check-in

Unfortunately, online check-in is not available in combination with certain services:

  • Passengers travelling with animals
  • Unaccompanied minors / unaccompanied children
  • Group reservations with more than 9 passengers
  • Passengers flying with special baggage, which requires a fee to be paid at the airport

Sundown check-in

At many airports you can check in your baggage and pick up your boarding pass the night before the flight for a fee of £5.00/€5.00 per passenger.

On the day of your flight, you can then go straight through the security checkpoints to your gate. In case you used our Sundown check-in, we ask you to come to the departure gate at least one hour prior to departure.

Sundown check-in is free of charge for children under 12 years of age and our Premium Class passengers. 


  • Animals may not be checked in until the day of departure
  • Sundown check-in is not available for special flights (flights not operated regularly with a flight schedule, e.g. a sightseeing flight over the Alps)
  • Every passenger must produce an official photo ID (personal ID card, passport)
  • If an adult traveling family member wants to check in other members of his or her family, he or she must present their travel documents and official photo IDs, as well as paying the late night check-in charge for all those traveling.
  • If a person who is not travelling wishes to check in passengers, that person's personal ID document will be examined and the personal data taken down. The passengers' travel documents and official IDs must also be presented and the late night check-in charge paid for all those traveling. For security reasons, we are unable to offer this service for groups of 10 or more people. These passengers are required to check in in person.
  • Sundown check-in is only available for ticketless flights (NOTIX) if a booking confirmation or at least the booking number is presented with the official ID.

Passengers under 18 years

When travelling on a package holiday with Thomas Cook, some tour operators, including Thomas Cook, will allow you to travel on holiday without an adult accompanying you. Different tour operators have different age policies and minimum age restrictions and some hoteliers will not accept groups of under 18's.

Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings online (or over the phone) unless a passenger is 18 or over. Bookings will need to be made in a Thomas Cook store as parents/legal guardians must provide written authority and sign the booking form in the presence of a travel agent and may need to show their passport to enable the agent to verify names/signatures.

Unaccompanied minors

  • When travelling on a flight-only booking through Thomas Cook Airlines UK, passengers can travel alone if they are 14 years or over.
  • They must be able to travel unaccompanied.
  • Completion of a Young Persons Declaration is mandatory prior to making your booking.
  • Please call the contact centre on 01733 224 330, Monday – Sunday, 08:00 – 22:00 to discuss with an agent.
  • Bookings must be made with an agent and not online.
  • Young Persons are only permitted on direct routes The Young Person will be pre-seated near the front or rear to allow the crew to observe the young person during the flight.

More information about under 18s

Infant charges

Any child aged 2 years or over on the day of the return flight (or last flight sector) will receive a 90% discount on the adult fare. A charge applies to infants under 2 years of age but infants cannot occupy their own seat. If a seat is required, the full adult fare is applicable. 

General guidelines

  • Infants receive a 10kg hold baggage allowance.
  • A buggy/pushchair and car seat can be taken free of charge, in the hold, if an infant has a seat confirmed. This is alongside any purchased hold baggage for the infant.
  • Infant car seats may be used on board, provided a seat has been booked for the infant. The car seat must be supplied by the adults/guardian travelling with the infant and cannot be provided by Thomas Cook Airlines UK. The seat must be able to be secured in the aircraft seat facing forward and must be of rigid construction.
  • This must be pre-booked before departure, please call 01733 224 330 (Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00) to speak to one of our contact centre agents.
  • If a travel cot is required, this will form part of any purchased hold baggage or will be charged as excess baggage at the airport, on the day of departure and is subject to load.

Birthdays during travel

If your child turns two before the return flight or on the day of the return flight, a reservation must be made for a two-year-old child (reservation with seat for the outbound and return flight).

Baggage allowance for infants

A child younger than two years of age on arrival back into the UK, who will be travelling on your lap, may bring three of the following items free of charge: 

  • 10 kg baggage allowance
  • a stroller/pushchair
  • a travel cot
  • a car seat (checked in to the hold)

If all four are required, one item would be part of any pre-purchased hold baggage weight allowance on the same booking. Please remember that an infant does not have a hand baggage allowance.

If an Infant has been booked in a seat, the 10 kg baggage allowance no longer applies. A stroller or pushchair and car seat are still available for carriage free of charge. All other items would need to be part of any pre-purchased weight allowance on the same booking. A hand baggage allowance would apply if a seat has been booked. For full details on weight allowances for the different classes as well as baggage charges see our hold baggage page. 

Short and medium haul flights (flights up to 7 hours in duration)

More than 25 hours before first departing flight (unless online check-in completed).



25 hours or less before first departing flight (unless online check-in completed).



Online Check-in completed.



All flight changes (see note 1 below)

£35 per sector, per customer (£55 if change made offline via call centre) and any increase in cost

100% cancellation

100% cancellation

Name changes (See Note 2 below)


£35/€40 per sector, per customer (£55 if change made offline via call centre) and any increase in cost

100% cancellation

100% cancellation

Long haul flights (flights over 7 hours in duration)

More than 80 hours before first departing flight (unless online check-in completed).

80 hours or less before first departing flight (unless online check-in completed).

Online check-in completed.

All flight changes (See Note 1 below)

£50 per sector, per customer (£70 if change made offline via call centre) and any increase in cost

100% cancellation

100% cancellation#

Name changes (See Note 2 below)

£50 per sector, per customer (£70 if change made offline via call centre) and any increase in cost

100% cancellation

100% cancellation

Sleeper Seat

Lie flat on an ultra-comfy mattress on a whole row of seats. You'll arrive at your destination refreshed and recharged. Available on selected long-haul economy services, except Economy Light, and subject to availability. Prices start at £200/235 euros per seat, per flight.

Note 1: If there has been an increase between the original fare paid and the current fare available at the time the change is made, you will be required to pay this. No refund will be given if the current fare is lower. It is not possible to transfer your booking to a departure date more than 3 months after your original travel date without incurring cancellation charges.

Note 2: On return flights, the names of passengers travelling on each sector must match. It is not possible to have different customer names on each sector. Please be advised if a name change is made online within 48 hours of booking being made this will be free of charge. The Thomas Cook Airlines Customer Help Desk number is 01733 224 330, please check with your service provider for any additional charges. Thomas Cook Airlines operating hours are Monday-Sunday 08:00 - 22.00.

Cancelling a flight booking

Thomas Cook Airlines fares (and flight extras) are 100% non-refundable. This applies to all cancellations including but not limited to cancellations arising from a change in personal circumstances, such as the inability to travel on medical grounds. If you need to cancel your flight booking you will be charged 100% of the booking cost. You may request from us a refund of UK government air passenger duty (APD) for any flight you choose to cancel. Such a request must be received within 28 days of the cancellation being made by us and you must also pay £25/€29.00 administration fee per booking. This charge does not include the creation of an insurance letter.