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Flight Services

Thomas Cook Airlines Flight Services

The pre-bookable flight services shown on this site are subject to the following terms and conditions. These conditions apply, along with the Conditions of Carriage of Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd ("Thomas Cook Airlines").

1. Booking of Services

Some of these services can be booked and paid for through your tour operator or travel agent, or can be booked and paid for directly with us. In all cases the purchase of any services will update your booking with your travel provider. All services are subject to availability. If any details are incorrect on your purchase confirmation or have changed since you made your order with us, including a name change or a date change, you must contact us to correct the errors.

Confirmation of your purchase should be carried with you on your flight as you may be asked to present it at check-in or to the cabin crew. Please note that airline tickets and/or tour operators' invoices will not show any pre-booked seat numbers, meals, extra luggage allowances, etc, if these are booked directly with Thomas Cook Airlines, on the website or over the phone.

2. The Services

Where we refer to Pre-Bookable Flight Services in these conditions, the services include the following. Please note important information about each service type:

Extra Leg Room Seats - customers occupying these seats must be at least 16 years old and warrant that they are physically fit and fully mobile, not suffer from any neck, back or leg problems, must not be pregnant or require an extension seatbelt. They must be willing and able to assist the cabin crew in the event of an emergency and comply with the Thomas Cook Airlines Conditions of Carriage and any requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority. The final decision regarding the suitability of the customer to occupy the seat with additional legroom rests with the check-in staff and the operating crew on the day of the flight, and maybe withdrawn at any time if the individual does not appear, in their opinion, to fulfil the above criteria.

Choose Your Seat - this service allows you to request your seat numbers. Depending on whether you book your flight through us or another tour operator or travel agent will determine how far in advance you can select a seat number. In all cases there are restrictions on how far in advance of departure you can select your seat number as access to the seat selection service will close in advance of the departure date. For specific information on cut off times for making your selection, please visit the 'Help' section of this thomascookairlines.com website regularly for details or check with your tour operator. Occasionally seat numbers cannot be provided as selected by you - please see the sections numbered 3 and 4 below for more details.

Internet Check-In This allows you to check-in online and print your boarding card to enable you to head straight for the bag drop off desk at the departure airport. The service is only available on selected Thomas Cook Airlines flights from the UK and certain overseas airports. Internet check-in is only available to use during a specified time period before your departure date. Please check the 'Help' section of the thomascookairlines.com website for more information. Once you have checked-in, it is not possible to make changes to your seat selections or other services you may have booked. If an amendment is made to your flight booking after you have checked-in online, you will be required to repeat the on-line check-in process.

Dietary Requirements - the Airline will try to provide for customers' dietary requirements, but cannot guarantee delivery of these services. They will endeavour to provide an alternative meal option wherever possible.

Sports Items & Golf Clubs - can be pre-booked and paid for carriage in the aircraft hold, subject to availability. You must ensure these are packed in a suitable travel bag. A weight restriction of 15kg (approximately 1/2 set of clubs) applies for each set of Golf Clubs and a weight restriction of 10kgs applies to Diving Equipment. For weight restrictions of other sports items, please check our website.

3. Changes Made By Thomas Cook Airlines To Pre-Booked Flight Services Before You Travel

The Thomas Cook Airlines flying programme is subject to change. Occasionally it is necessary to reschedule flights, change aircraft types or even cancel flights on which you have pre-booked flight services with us.

Occasionally Thomas Cook Airlines has to make changes on the day of departure that can result in withdrawal or changes to pre-booked flight services.

If the Airline changes your flight (includin a change of aircraft type which may not be obvious to you from the booking information we provide, or a change of flight number, or if we change your booking in some other way which results in us giving you a new booking reference number), wherever possible, you will be invited to re-select your seat choices on our website, subject to availability. If your preferred choices are not available, please ask us about a refund.

If your flight is cancelled and you do not accept an alternative flight offered, or your flight is changed from Thomas Cook Airlines to another carrier, you will be entitled to a refund of any services you have booked. If you paid for the services through your tour operator or travel agent, you should automatically receive a refund, subject to their terms and conditions. If you paid for the services directly with Thomas Cook Airlines, you should contact us and request a refund which we will aim to process for you within 28 days. (See the 'Contact Us' section for more information).

4. Changes Made By Thomas Cook Airlines To Pre-Booked Flight Services On The Day Of Travel

Occasionally Thomas Cook Airlines has to make changes on the day of departure that can result in withdrawal or changes to pre-booked flight services.

In the event you are advised at check-in or onboard the aircraft of a change or withdrawal of a service, or part of a service you have paid for, you will be entitled to a refund. However, please note that when assessing any claim for a refund, the Airline will take into account the following:

  1. The price you have paid for the service;
  2. Whether or not you have received some benefit from the service (such as seats together but not your chosen seat numbers);
  3. Whether you have been allocated seats in the same position (e.g. in your choice of window, middle, aisle seats);
  4. Whether you have been allocated seats in a row within a reasonable distance of your original selection.
  5. Whether the service was not provided for each part of your journey or just the outbound or inbound flight.

Depending on the above factors, any refund the Airline may pay will be calculated as a proportion of the price you have paid for the service. Please see the section 'Contact thomascookairlines.com' below for details on how to apply for a refund.

5. Luggage Allowance & Charges

If pre-paid extra luggage allowance has been purchased and this allowance is exceeded, the additional excess will be payable at the standard check-in rate. If pre-paid extra luggage has been purchased and not used, no refund will be given.

6. Priority Check-In

If your tour operator has included priority check-in at the airport as part of your holiday package, or you have paid extra for this service, you are invited to use the Airline's dedicated priority check-in desk at Gatwick or Manchester. Occasionally the dedicated desk may be changed or withdrawn at short notice due to operational reasons.

7. If You Change Your Flight

If you make a change to your flight arrangements an administrative fee may be applicable to change any services you have booked to coincide with your flight. This will be notified to you when making the change with thomascookairlines.com.

If you do change your flight arrangements, please remember to follow the procedures listed below:-

  1. For any pre-booked services i.e. extra leg room seats, champagne, toys, etc., please contact thomascookairlines.com immediately, as your reservation will not be transferred to your new flight automatically. Please e-mail your old and new details to tchdpretraveladmin@thomascook.com
  2. If you have paid for "Choose Your Seat", and your amendment does not involve a change to your tour operator's booking reference, please revisit the Thomas Cook Airines website and check your seat selections as you may need to make your selection again.
  3. If you have paid for "Choose Your Seat", and you have a different tour operators booking reference following an amendment, then please e-mail your old and new details to tchdpretraveladmin@thomascook.com. We will reserve, subject to availability, your seats on your new flight. If the same seat numbers are not available, we will reserve seats as close as possible to your previous selection.

8. If You Cancel Your Flight

If you elect to cancel your holiday/flight and therefore do not use the pre-booked services you have paid for, the following cancellation charges apply, depending upon how the service was booked:

  • If you booked a service through a tour operator or travel agent, their terms and conditions will apply which you should refer to.
  • If you booked a service directly with us a 100% cancellation charge applies regardless of the period of notification.

9. Contact Us

If you need to contact us about pre-bookable flight services, the following information will help you.

Booking Services – To add any services to your booking, you can login to Manage Booking where all services that are available to your booking, can be added online. If you prefer to contact a member of our team to add any services, please call 01733 224 330 (Mon-Sun 08:00 – 22:00) Please check with your service provider for any additional charges. Please note, a telephone booking fee of £20.00 will apply if this service was available to book online.

Refunds Before You Travel - if you are eligible for a refund, subject to the terms and conditions detailed above, please e-mail us at tchdpretraveladmin@thomascook.com with your booking reference and the reason for your request for a refund and we will aim to respond in 28 days.

Refunds After Travel (Thomas Cook Tour Operations customers, including Sunset, Manos, Airtours, Direct Holidays, Neilson and Club 18-30) - To apply for a refund, please request a Customer Recovery Card from the airport ticket collection desk or cabin crew and give this to your overseas representative. They will consider a refund or part refund according to our refund guidelines. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Relations team at www.thomascook.com/customer-relations providing us with your boarding card, and a copy of your purchase confirmation showing your booked flight seats - failure to provide these documents may prevent a refund being issued.

Refunds After Travel (all other passengers) - please contact the Customer Relations team at www.thomascook.com/customer-relations providing them with a copy of your boarding card, and a copy of your purchase confirmation showing your booked flight seats and they will assess your claim for a refund and aim to respond within 28 days. Alternatively, you can contact them at:

If you have a complaint regarding any issue after you have travelled please contact us here:

Tel: 0844 412 5954

Online: www.thomascook.com/customer-relations

Post: Customer Relations, Thomas Cook, PO Box 216, Bradford, BD19 9BN.