Booking Terms and Conditions

Post-booking confirmation


If you have booked directly with us, we may communicate with you by e-mail, by post or by telephone. If you booked through another travel agent, all communication will be sent to that travel agent. By making your booking via the internet or otherwise providing us with an e-mail address, you authorise us to contact you in relation to your booking or enquiry using the e-mail address you have used to contact us or which you have otherwise provided. You must accordingly check your e-mails on a regular basis. Not all communications can go by e-mail. We may also contact you by post or by telephone if, for example and for whatever reason, we have difficulty contacting you by e-mail or we urgently need a response from you.

If, after making your booking, your card payment is declined for any reason, we will cancel your booking as soon as we become aware.