Booking Terms and Conditions

Group Bookings

Thomas Cook group bookings

The below terms and conditions applies only for 10 or more customers that are booked together on one reference code. Customers travelling in a large group that is split across multiple booking references will not be eligible for the groups benefits outlined on the groups landing page, or the terms and conditions in this section.

Payment terms

 To confirm a payment of either the full amount or a deposit must be made at the time of booking.Deposits can be accepted only for bookings made more than 12 weeks from departure. 

If you choose to pay a deposit the payment terms are as follows:

  • £25.00 per person for Short Haul routes.
  • £50.00 per person Medium Haul routes.
  • £125.00 per person Long Haul routes.
  • £200.00 per person Premium Long Haul routes.

Full balance will be required 12 weeks before departure. Cancellations made within 12 weeks of travel will be completely non-refundable. For bookings cancelled prior to 12 weeks before travel, the customer will be refunded the full amount minus the deposit. All sports equipment added onto the booking needs to be paid for upfront and is non-refundable.

Seats & Extras

We will allocate seat numbers at the time of booking (where available, seats will be allocated next to each other or in close proximity). If you would like to change the seat numbers allocated, the ‘Choose Your Seat’ service will need to be purchased by all passengers on the booking. Note, seat numbers can only be allocated if the flight designator is TCX or MT. Sports equipment is to be charged in full when added to booking. This is non-refundable.

Names and Changes

You must supply Thomas Cook Airlines with names of all passengers at least 28 days prior to scheduled departure. Thomas Cook Airlines will treat names supplied after this time as chargeable name changes. 

Up to 2 free name changes per passenger are permitted outside of 28 days prior to scheduled departure. This CANNOT be transferred between passengers on the booking. You may not change names within 25 hours of scheduled departure.


Cancellations outside of 12 weeks of departure result in a loss of deposit or 100% charges (as applicable). Cancellations within 12 weeks will result in the loss of the full booking amount.