Beta trial

Our new booking experience

We’ve recently launched a new online booking process which has been designed to make your booking experience better, especially if you’re using a tablet or mobile. You’re one of the first to see it so we hope you like it.

If you get stuck, you’ll find a link at the bottom of the page to the ‘original’ which will return you to our existing site and opt you out of the beta trial.

The new design is currently in beta mode which means that we’re still developing it. Although this is a beta trial, all bookings are real. Accessibility requirements haven’t yet been met but this is very important to us so we’re working hard to make everything fully accessible before we let more of our customers see the new version.

Send us your feedback

The main reason for running a beta trial is to find out what you think. Do you like it? Does everything work? Is anything missing? That’s why we’d really appreciate you taking time to give us feedback. You’ll find a ‘Feedback’ button on the side of the desktop pages and at the bottom of the mobile pages throughout the booking journey.

By doing this we can see how the site works for you and find anything that doesn’t work then make the changes to fix them. So, if you have any issues during your booking or have feedback in general please do let us know.