Special Assistance

Medical equipment, supplies and medication

We understand that you'll need to bring your medication with you on board so here is all you need to know about our guidelines and regulations.

We recommend you pre-book the complimentary assistance or service that you need as early as possible and no less than 48 hours before your flight. This will ensure that everything can be arranged to create a smooth journey. Please note that if you pre-book the special assistance for your outward flight, arrangements will also be booked for your return flight, provided that you are travelling with the same carrier.

Information on how to book your assistance and contact our dedicated special assistance team can be found here. We'll send you written confirmation of your special assistance booking once it has been completed.

You’ll also need to be at the airport on the day of your flight in good time – at least three hours for long-haul and two hours for short-haul – to reach your departure gate for priority boarding.

Travelling with medication

Before you travel we would kindly ask you to study the guidelines below to make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

  • We recommend that you carry enough medical supplies to cover use in-flight, plus sufficient for 2-3 days use upon arrival. The remainder should be packed in the hold. As we are a leisure airline we are happy to transport medication free of charge for a regular holiday of 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Please carry a letter from your GP confirming the name and type of medication being carried, with prescribed doses. The letter should state what the medication is for and any other medical items required. For example, syringes or EpiPens, that might otherwise be questioned by local security or customs.
  • The medication should be in its original packaging, clearly pharmaceutically labelled identifying it as prescribed and belonging to you.
  • It is advisable to obtain a repeat prescription from your GP and take this with you when you travel abroad so that medication can be replaced in event of loss, damage or having insufficient supplies
  • Please be aware that some medication may contain ingredients that are considered illegal in other countries. We recommend that you check with the Embassy of the country you’re going to. It’s your responsibility to ensure medication is not prohibited in your final destination. If you need further information please go to www.gov.uk/travelling-controlled-drugs. If you are carrying a controlled substance then your Doctor will need to complete a Controlled Substances Form which must be taken to the airport.
  • Please note that dietary items (e.g. gluten free products) are not considered as medication.

Just to let you know we do not have any facilities on board to store medication if it has to be kept at a specific temperature. Please discuss alternative arrangements with your GP before you travel.

Needles and syringes

The carriage of needles and syringes is permitted on-board Thomas Cook aircraft for the treatment or control of medical conditions. However, you must also carry supporting documentation in the form of either:

  • A letter from your GP confirming the type of medication and what it is for. Or,
  • If you do not have a GP's letter, the medication must have a printed pharmaceutical label identifying it as prescribed and belonging to you

Travelling with medical liquids on board

The amount of liquid medication you’re allowed to take in your hand luggage is subject to current security advice. Please visit the Department for Transport website for the latest information.

Travelling with a dialysis machine

Additional luggage allowance can be added free of charge for carriage of a dialysis machine. To request this, we need the following details:

  • Make and model
  • Weight and dimensions (height, width and depth)
  • You are permitted to take an amount of fluid on-board sufficient for your journey to your destination

You will need to arrange for additional fluid to be delivered directly to your hotel/accommodation.


Additional medical luggage allowance can be added free of charge for CPAP machines. For this request to be actioned, we will need the following details of the device:

  • Make and model
  • Weight and dimensions (height, width and depth)

Passengers requiring additional oxygen (PPOC/POXY/ OXYG)

Oxygen concentrators

You can take your own oxygen concentrator with you on board all Thomas Cook Airlines flights. Due to safety requirements we only accept FAA approved. Please note that there is no electric main socket so any device will need to be battery powered and fully charged prior to departure. The battery duration must be able to last 150% of the flight duration.

We want you to enjoy your flight, so please register your portable oxygen concentrator in advance. We will also ask you to fill out a medical clearance form (medical clearance form) and register your portable oxygen concentrator.

Without registration of the portable oxygen concentrator and medical clearance you will be unable to board the flight. Please send the completed and signed medical form no earlier than the 3 month, and not later than 48 hours before your outbound flight by using our online form.

Taking your own additional oxygen

Unfortunately we cannot allow customers to travel with their own filled oxygen canisters.