Special Assistance

Injuries and conditions

Your comfort on board is really important to us so we want to make sure you're fully fit to fly before you go. There are some medical conditions that will need a doctor's confirmation that you are safe to travel and we may ask you to complete a medical clearance form.

Here are a few examples of conditions that need to be cleared before you travel:

  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Contagious diseases or illnesses
  • Oxygen, or carriage of some respiratory equipment

We may ask you to fill out a medical clearance form which we will use to ensure that it is safe for you to travel. For minor conditions the clearance is not required, but we always recommend to see your GP and talk to him about your planned journey.

We recommend you pre-book the complimentary assistance or service that you need as early as possible and no less than 48 hours before your flight. This will ensure that everything can be arranged to create a smooth journey. Please note that if you pre-book the special assistance for your outward flight, arrangements will also be booked for your return flight, provided that you are travelling with the same carrier.

Information on how to book your assistance and contact our dedicated special assistance team can be found here. We'll send you written confirmation of your special assistance booking once it has been completed.

You’ll also need to be at the airport on the day of your flight in good time – at least three hours for long-haul and two hours for short-haul – to reach your departure gate for priority boarding.

Flying with a plaster cast

If you have recently experienced a recent fracture you are only able to fly if the cast is a split or backslap type after:

  • 24 hours after initial injury for a short haul flight with a flight duration of up to two hours
  • 48 hours  after initial injury longer than 2 hour for flights with a flight duration longer than two hours

Air trapped inside a plaster cast which has been fitted less than the times given above may expand at cabin cruising altitude. This, combined with the swelling of the limb following a fracture, may cause severe pain and might damage the limb further.

You can take crutches or a walking stick on board the aircraft.

Travelling during a pregnancy

For the wellbeing of both mother and baby, please read the following carefully.

  • If you’re travelling up to 28 weeks into your pregnancy (at the time of your return flight) no additional documentation is required to travel unless you have experienced complications. This also applies to multiple pregnancies. 
  • If you are travelling between 29 and 36 weeks, a medical certificate will be required. This must confirm the expected date of delivery and confirm fitness to fly (doctors letter must have been written no earlier than 6 weeks before the outbound date of travel). For multiple pregnancies this applies to between 28 and 32 weeks.
  • If you are travelling from the 36th week (at the time of your inbound flight) and for multiple pregnancies the 32nd week, you will be unable to travel.


Peanuts and nut products are sold on-board Thomas Cook aircraft. Please advise a member of our crew once on-board the flight of your allergy - the cabin crew can suspend the sale of nut products during that flight.

The cabin crew will also make an announcement to other customers requesting where possible, to refrain from consuming their own nuts whilst on-board the aircraft. However, we can’t forbid customers from eating food containing nuts on-board and we can’t guarantee that our meals or snacks provided do not contain nuts.

Customers flying with our sister airline Condor who have a nut allergy can fill in a form where the allergy is declared.

If you’re travelling on a different airline then there may be a different policy on allergies. Please contact the airline you are flying with for further information on their specific policies.

Extra seat due to a medical reason or physical condition

Please contact us by to arrange suitable seating before booking your flight.