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Partner airlines

In peak seasons, we increase how often we fly to our most-popular destinations so to get you off on holiday. To help service these routes, we occasionally hire aircraft from trusted partners. Here’s everything you need to know...

We’re proud of our Thomas Cook Airlines core fleet and to make sure our high standards are met at all times. Our Cabin Quality team carefully inspect each partner aircraft before it can be approved. You’ll also find members of our own crew on board to welcome you with their usual friendly smiles and fantastic service. 

The tables below show you exactly what you can expect from the partner airline aircraft we use. You can find out whether you’ll be flying on one of these aircraft by logging into your Manage My Booking and checking your flight details or by going online and checking in the search menu.

Expect the same high level of comfort

Our partners Avion Express and Smartlynx operate their own fleets of A320 and A321 aircraft from a variety of our bases on short and medium-haul routes.

Their aircraft's 180 (on A320 planes) and 220 seats (on A321 planes) offer you the same level of comfort as our own aircraft. Flights operated on these aircraft also offer Economy PLUS and extra legroom seats. We are, however, unfortunately unable to offer you in-flight entertainment.

Your baggage will stay checked in

Right through to your final destination, unless customs/immigration policies - e.g. USA - do not allow this. 

Partner airlines overview