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Travel zones

As your satisfaction is especially important to us, we give you the opportunity to tailor your holiday experience to your needs by booking exactly the components you want.

Our zones and fares

Our wide range of services are complemented by connecting flights operated by our partner airlines, ensuring that all stages of your journey will be as enjoyable as possible.

For an even more pleasant flying experience, Thomas Cook Airlines and Condor customers can take advantage of a wide range of additional services in the air and at the airport. The prices for these special services (extra luggage, flying with sports equipment, etc.) depend on the time of booking and on the zone you are flying to. Book your services up to 30 days before departure and receive an extra early bird discount.

Our flight zones at a glance

Zone 1 (short haul):

  • Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Mainland

Zone 2 (medium haul):

  • Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Eqypt, Gambia

Zone 3 (long haul):

  • East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America

Zone 4 (long haul):

  • Southern Africa, Indian Ocean

Zone 5 (long haul):

  • USA, Canada, Puerto Rico