Utah is the home of the Great Salt Lake, Mormon religion, skiing and giant red sandstone formations of epic proportions – so a holiday here certainly isn’t dull! The sprawling Salt Lake City is named after its magnificent lake, and what a lake! With 1,700 square-miles of water perfect for swimming, fishing or boating, plus the surrounding forest hiking trails, you’ll want to spend at least an afternoon at this picturesque landmark. But there’s more here away from the water’s edge. Home to the country’s biggest population of Mormons, Salt Lake City’s Temple Square is the place to go if you want to check out the religious side of this city. With ornate architecture and lush gardens, there’s more than just a church here.

Aside from Salt Lake City, Utah is famous for its incredible red rock formations which dot the vast desert and Canyonlands National Park plus Arches National Park are some of the best places to see these sandstone spectacles. There’s many natural parks to choose from and you’ll see Utah’s famous red rocks in all of them, but The Zion National Park has a legendary scenic drive which leads to forest trails and rock climbing along the Virgin River. If you’re a serious hiker, next up is the challenging Angels Landing Trail which will take you to a 5,785-ft. peak giving spectacular views across the Zion Canyon. There are many famous formations in this area such as the huge Checkerboard Mesa sandstone structure and the Kolob Arch formation in the Kolob Canyons.

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Hiking around these areas can get tiring so why not try some horse riding or kayaking through the countryside of Utah. This is a fun way to see all the sights without having to trek everywhere on foot! If you’re a wildlife lover, you’re in luck in Utah and there are plenty of endangered species to spot. Watch out for wild lizards, bison and mule deer, or falcons flying overhead. You can learn more about the lush natural area of Utah at the Zion Human History Museum which tells the story of this stunning area.

Utah is also a top winter holiday destination and boasts fantastic ski slopes like Park City or Snowbird Ski Resort. Here you can try skiing, snowboarding and even bobsleighing, or zip-lining and rock climbing during the warmer summer months. A holiday to Utah is one for the adventurers and the incredible natural landscape plus the varied culture and fun activities will blow you away.

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10 facts about Utah


The name ‘Utah’ was given by the indigenous Ute Native American tribe. It means ‘people of the mountains’.


There are just 32 people per square mile on average in Utah, making it one of the least populated states in the country.


Arches National Park is home to more than 2,000 impressive natural sandstone arches like the huge Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch and Balanced Rock.


Great Salt Lake is four times saltier than all of the world’s oceans. It is so salty that you can float on the surface.


The world's first transcontinental railroad was located at Promontory in 1869. It is now a tourist destination called the Golden Spike National Historic Site.


Utah Olympic Park in the snowy northern mountains of Utah was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics.


Utah has some funny laws: You can’t carry a violin in a paper bag in public, fish while riding a horse, or hire a trombone player to advertise an auction.


Salt Lake City’s Mormon Temple is 253,015 square feet, making it the largest of its kind. It took 40 years to build.


Utah was once home to the largest raptor in the world, the 23-feet-long Utahraptor. Remains were found in 1975 near Moab.


America’s very first department store, ZCMI, was built in Salt Lake City in the late 19th century. It is still in operation today.