Texas is known for its cowboys, tasty southern cuisine and hot summer’s days, but despite its deep south reputation, there’s plenty of culture, history and art to be discovered here too. There’s no denying that Texas is a warm state. The temperatures here reach a scorching 36℃ on particularly hot days, though there’s plenty of places to cool down when the heat gets too much. One of the locals’ favourite ways to keep cool is to hit the rivers of Texas for a spot of swimming, kayaking or “tubing” in a giant rubber ring. The best places to find some great water sports would be Barton Springs Pool in Austin. This stunning swimming hole has year-round water temperatures of 20℃ and places for deep diving as well as shallow areas for the kids.

If you want to try a traditional Texan activity, don your hat and boots for some horse riding at one of Texas’ historic ranches. You’ll find them dotted across the state and can even stay at one for a real cowboy weekend. While you’re in Texas, don’t forget to try some of its famous cuisine. From fried chicken to barbecue, authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, you’ll want to bring some loose fitting clothes for this holiday! The gorgeous metropolis of Houston is known for its Space Station and impressive harbour. While most of Texas is on land, Houston sits on the Gulf of Mexico, the largest port of the Gulf Coast, and you’ll catch a welcome sea breeze here as well as spectacular panoramic views.

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Talking of heat, there’s plenty of it in Houston and temperatures reach a sweltering 36℃ on particularly warm summer days – you’ll definitely want a hat and some sunscreen on your Houston holidays then! One great way to cool down is to drive out to New Braunfels and go “tubing” down the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers. Float down this shallow, cool river in a giant rubber ring for a fun activity which is great for the whole family.

If you want to try something a little different, head out to one of the open ranches on the outskirts of Houston for horse riding, fishing, and cattle driving – you’ll feel just like a real Texan cowboy. Or if you’re after a holiday in the American deep south which also has culture and style, Houston is for you. From the sea to space and everything in between, there’s fascinating discoveries around every corner here.

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At a massive 268,601-square-miles, Texas is the biggest state in the United States after Alaska.


The first word spoken on the moon was “Houston” as in “Houston we have a problem” during the first moon landing of 1969.


Some of Texas favourite snack foods are Frito pie, where chili, onions and cheese are put into a bag of Fritos, beef jerky, corn dogs and peanuts in Dr Pepper.


The famed Dallas Cowboys haven’t actually played football in Dallas since 1971, though you can visit the stadium where they’re based.


The Dallas State Fair Park has the biggest Ferris wheel, the Texas Star, in the entire Western Hemisphere.


The hottest temperature ever recorded in Texas was 49°C in Seymour in August of 1936. The coolest was -23° F at Seminole in February, 1933.


San Antonio has the most gay and lesbian parents in the US. Despite Texas’ anti-gay laws, it is known for its thriving gay friendly bars and events.


Texas’ biggest city is Houston which is the fourth largest city in the United States.


In Dallas there is an evangelical church which spent $4.7 million on the creation of a huge marine aquarium.


At 825,000 acres, The King Ranch in South Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.