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Salt Lake City is named after its incredible lake, but there’s more here than just great swimming opportunities. You’ve got spectacular Mormon landmarks, snowy mountains perfect for skiing and many mountains to hike too. Starting with the lake though, you’ll want to at least visit for a spot of fishing or a picnic on its picturesque banks. The lake stretches out a huge 1,700 square miles and is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains and wildlife which can be explored via one of the stunning hiking trails. Talking of mountains, Utah is one of the top winter holiday destinations in the States for its epic ski slopes. Around winter time, people from near and far take to the

mountain tops to try skiing, snowboarding and even bobsleighing. The popular ski resorts of Park City or Snowbird Ski Resort are good places to hit the slopes, or if you’d like to learn more about this state’s favourite snowy activity, check out the Utah Olympic Park. If you’re visiting in summer, there’s still plenty to do, even at the ski resorts themselves, where you can try hiking, fishing, cycling or even zip-lining. But there’s still more! Salt Lake City is the heart of the Mormon religion, and Temple Square is the official headquarters. Here you’ll find stunning architecture, religious exhibitions and pretty gardens to explore.

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For more culture, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts boasts more than 17,000 artefacts from around the world from Greek to Egyptian, Italian to American. Get a little closer to home at the Family History Library where people come from all over the planet to trace their ancestors using one of the most comprehensive family history library catalogues in the world. Back outdoors you’ve got the lovely Red Butte Garden located on the University of Utah campus. The perfectly landscaped

gardens each represent a different ecosystem, creating a paradise of natural variety for plant lovers. If you prefer your nature a little more rugged, head out into the sprawling beauty of the The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. More than just a salty lake, Salt Lake City has got some of the country’s most weird and wonderful sights, alongside lush nature, cultural wonders and plenty of outdoor activities to suit even the most active holiday wish lists.

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The Great Salt Lake's name comes from the fact that the water is saltier than the sea and the evaporation leaves behind salty mineral deposits.


The Mormon temple in Temple Square looms 210 feet over the square and has six stunning spires as well as beautiful grounds and gardens.


Hogle Zoo is home to more than 800 animals including rhinos, birds and even an African elephant named Zuri.


Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort covers a gigantic 2,500 acres which includes an incredible 3,240-foot vertical drop amongst 168 other varied ski slopes.


Despite the religious and natural vibes here, there are 118 bars in Salt Lake City, meaning you won’t be hard pushed to find evening activities.


The Great Salt Lake is the biggest American lake west of the Great Lakes and is the biggest saltwater lake in the entire Western Hemisphere.


Liberty Park is 80 acres and includes a pond, playgrounds, cycle paths, rides, tennis courts and picnic areas, as well as an aviary and greenhouse to boot.


The Utah Olympic facility played host to the 2002 winter games and boasts some of the world's highest altitude ski jumps.


The Great Salt Lake is home to an abundance of wildlife. Amongst the many fish, birds and small creatures you’ll be lucky to spot a bison or two.


The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest covers an incredible 2.1 million acres split into seven wilderness districts from flowering meadows to rocky mountains.