Exotic sights, beautiful beaches and hot sun make Tunisia feel a million miles away from the UK, yet it's only a three or four hour flight. Due to its position in the Med, Tunisia has been fought over for hundreds of years and shows a fascinating mixture of influences from the Romans, the Arabs, the Ottoman Turks and the French.

Known as a classic sun-and-sea holiday destination, Tunisia’s attractions are surprisingly diverse: in the north you'll find lakes full of pink flamingos alongside olive and citrus groves, whilst the south offers the endless Saharan sands and the nomadic Berber tribes.

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For a more adventurous time, head to the Sahara where you can try sandboarding, visit the Star Wars set or travel by camel to a tented village and stay the night. Camping out under the stars really must be experienced - the visibility is truly breathtaking.

For a country that is about the size of England and Wales, Tunisia offers a huge amount to tourists. There are few places to stay outside of the larger resorts, but it's easy to travel and you'll be warmly welcomed wherever you go, so don't be afraid to explore .

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