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If you want to perfectly position yourself for easy access to the top holiday spots in Tunisia, flights to Enfidha with Thomas Cook Airlines will get you there. Landing right by the stunning Gulf of Hammamet, an amazing stretch of sands boasting some of the best holiday resorts in the country, you'll be able to start your holiday from the minute your plane hits the runway.

Enfidha sits slap bang in the middle of Sousse and Hammamet, which are two of the prime holiday destinations in Tunisia, boasting plenty to keep you busy both on and off the beaches.

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Both Sousse and Hammamet are dream examples of old meets new, where the beautiful beaches offer all the fun of a holiday hotspot, including water sports galore. But the town centres are crammed with historical landmarks and traditional vibes. In Sousse, the ancient medina boasting the Great Mosque of Sousse, the historic Kasbah and the hillside Ribat religious site makes it easy to image centuries past.

A little way up the coast in Hammamet you have a similar story - the walled medina and the markets of the old town tell tales of older times, while the 3km sandy stretch offers ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The nightlife in both Sousse and Hammamet is lively enough, but expect a traditional touch - think Arabic music, belly dancing displays and beachfront cafés rather than fishbowl cocktails and nightclubs. For a true taste of this beautiful country, book your flights to Enfidha with Thomascook Airlines and head for the Middle East.

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Top 5 things to do in Enfidha

10 facts about Enfidha


The hottest month in Enfidha is August with a delightfully warm average temperature of 27°C. The coldest month is January at a not-so-chilly 12°C.


The medina of Sousse is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its ancient mosque and Kasbah, and is one of Tunisia’s most visited attractions.


Port Yasmine in Hammamet is a stylish marina complete with shops, bars and restaurants to try on a warm Tunisian evening.


Nabeul is the pottery centre of Tunisia and visitors can pick up beautifully handcrafted pottery from one of the bazaars.


Not just for history lovers, nearby are the fantastic waterpark, Acqua Palace, and the Friguia Park zoo where you can feed giraffes and swim with dolphins.


Hammamet’s historical walled medina is an explosion of colour and noise with the local bazaars touting crafts, jewellery, Berber rugs and leather goods.


The fascinating ancient city of Carthage is less than an hour and a half from Enfidha and dates back to the 1st millennium BC.


While it’s a bit of a trek away, Matmata in southern Tunisia provided the backdrop for some of the popular Star Wars films and is mecca for sci-fi fans.


Haggling is a way of life in Tunisian markets and it’s seen as rude to not try and bargain. Start with a price half of what you want to pay and go from there!


The Museum Dar Essid is an opulent private palace in Sousse which was built in the 10th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the medina.