Switzerland is a mountainous central European country that has been forming its personality steadily and surely over time, letting its incredible landscape offer visitors a taste of nature in its purest, raw form. Far beyond its associations with chocolate, this country can boast a landscape of snow, ice and Alpine wonder.

Head to the snowy tops of its ski resorts or the glaciers of its mountains and rivers of ice. This is nature at its most wild and beautiful. But it is also a country with an emerging art and culture scene. Museums, art galleries and art fairs show Switzerland to be a significant destination for the cultured crowd.

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There are so many activities to delve into in Switzerland, particularly for those more intrepid traveller wanting to get to grips with glaciers and hike mountains. This special country offers a range of exiting adventures – far beyond the old, tired clichés of cuckoo clocks and delicious chocolate.

Switzerland is a magical place, with Alpine traditions, outdoor thrills and world-class art reputations. A visit to the country is an invitation to sample the stunning range and texture of such a vibrant and culturally exciting landscape.

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