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Spain has a wealth of tourist spots. Its culture seems to celebrate so much of life - food, dance, art and music has given the country its well-earned vibrant reputation. One of its biggest tourist destinations is the sun-soaked Alicante, packed with young holidaymakers seeking fun and frolics along its coastline.

But beyond the weekend stag parties and party-goers is an Alicante full of tradition and intrigue. Here we look at some of its attractions that show a different side to this party destination.

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For those looking to have fun and party in the sun, Alicante is the prime tourist spot. It drinks and dances through the night and offers perfect beaches and weather for rest and recovery. However, there is so much more to this fun-loving city.

It has a history rich in Arab architecture and traditions, from the dark, cool Canelobre caves to the fine art in the Gravina Museum. Alicante is certainly the city that knows how to have a good time, but it also has a proud and vibrant past and present, full of culture and stories that are told through its landscape, food and festivals.

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10 facts about Alicante


Gothic church of Santa Maria from 14th-16th century was actually built over a former Arab mosque.


Both Spanish and Valenciano languages are spoken.


One of the city’s favourite drinks is the Arab-influenced Horchetta, made of Tiger nuts and sugar.


There are over 3 millions tourists to Alicante every year.


Alicante boasts 200 km of coastline.


Alicante has one of the healthiest climates in Europe, apparently.


Benidorm has a surprising number of skyscrapers – topped only by London and Milan!


Benidorm (perhaps unsurprisingly) was the first package holiday in Europe.


Rice is the staple of Alicante cooking.


This hot spot has 3008 hours of sunshine a year.