Spain is an exciting country with some of the finest architecture, food, culture and scenery in the world, and it's only a short hop from the UK. You can swap the grey streets of Britain for the excitement and colour of Spain in just a couple of hours, making it great for a short break.

You can opt for a sophisticated city jaunt in Barcelona or Madrid, a classic beach holiday in Alicante or Malaga, or visit the Balearic Island of Ibiza for the party of your life. Whatever you're looking for, Spain has got it.

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Northern Spain is heaven for art lovers. From the museums of Bilbao to Gaudi’s surrealist buildings of Barcelona, there’s inspiration around every corner. South of Barcelona are the islands of Majorca and Menorca, which are popular destinations all year round for their sun, sea and fascinating island cultures. Southern Spain is well known for busy resorts such as Benidorm and Malaga. If you're looking for something a little more cosmopolitan, try Alicante.

This busy little town has a beautiful historic quarter and is known for its chic nightlife. Further south is Almeria, a beautiful province offering golden beaches, nature and quaint coastal villages. Nearby is Granada, worth visiting primarily for the architecture and tasty tapas. Wherever you go, you're guaranteed to find some excellent entertainment including the famous Flamenco dancers and fiestas. Be sure to visit a traditional Spanish tapas bar too, for a taste of Spanish cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.

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Spain is not just the mainland; it also includes the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, giving plenty of choice and variation for holidaymakers.


Bilbao boasts the Guggenheim Museum. Hailed as one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, it houses an impressive permanent collection.


Almeria is a beautiful province sandwiched between the coastline and the Sierra Nevada Nature Park, where you'll find Europe's only desert, the Tabernas.


The traditions of the spectacular Canary Island carnivals are bizarre and exciting, with Gran Canaria celebrating in talcum powder fights and drag queen galas.


Lanzarote’s famous Teguise market is held on a Sunday and welcomes hundreds of shoppers to bargain for crafts, clothes, antiques and food.


The beautiful white-washed village of Mojácar has been lived in since the Bronze Age around 2,000BC, making it quite the historical attraction.


Madrid is the capital of Spain but it’s also one of the world’s fashion capitals and there’s plenty of opportunity for shopping in its top designer stores.


Alhambra, one of the world's architectural marvels, is a palace and fortress built in the 9th century. Today it is one of Spain’s most visited sites.


Despite being on almost opposite sides of the country, Seville and Valencia are most famous for their oranges which grow in beautifully scenic orange groves.


Costa del Sol in southern Andalusia is one of the most popular Spanish destinations and lives up to its name as the Sun Coast.