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South Africa’s vast and sprawling landscape is painted in history. It has stood through time, its diverse and magical scenery offering homes to exotic and majestic wildlife, from rhinos to lions. The sea is perfect for surfing and the wilderness a haven for hikers and nature lovers.

There is also South Africa’s political history and visitors can learn from the museums and tours on offer, educating old and new generations about Apartheid. With so much to see, it’s worth having a little knowledge about the various sights and attractions. Here are a handful that reflect the great diversity of things to do and see in this awesome part of the world.

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It almost seems as if one trip to this astonishing destination might only skim the surface of all the wide, varied and vibrant attractions on offer in South Africa. Few places in the world can offer such diversity of landscape.

And yet any of its attractions offer a taste of something extraordinary and suggest a truly memorable and exciting experience. From safari drives to the perfect wave and a vital, significant history, South Africa is the kind of place to keep visitors coming back to catch another glimpse at all the wonder within this huge, historic landscape.

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10 facts about South Africa


South Africa boasts the oldest mountain in the world.


It also boasts the cheapest electricity!


South Africa is the only country to voluntarily abandon its nuclear weapon program.


It is the largest manufacturer of the delicious macadamia nut.


Did you know hippos get sunburn? Look out for these hot and bothered mammals dipping their noses in water to keep the sun off their faces.


There is the earliest evidence of life in South Africa – a blue-green algae has been found, dating back 3,500 million years.


The oldest human remains have been found in South Africa – over 100,000 years old.


There are 2000 shipwrecks in South Africa, each telling their piece of history.


South Africa has a population of 55 million.


South Africa hosts the largest commercial bungee jump in the world!

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