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Beautiful Puerto Rico is the home of lush rainforests, rugged paradise beaches and enough outdoor activities to get even the most laid back travellers in the adventuring spirit. Picture Pueto Rico and you’ll get images of white beaches and lush rainforests. In terms of beaches, you’ve got dazzling choices. Flamenco Beach is the number one choice for its incredible white sands and paradise vibe, La Playuela in Cabo Rojo has a more rugged charm, and Bahia de la Chiva Beach is on the nearby island of Vieques is one of the best snorkelling spots. So next you’ve got the rainforest, Puerto Rico’s defining feature. The El Yunque Rainforest is home to lush plant life and some rare species of flora and fauna.

Take a hiking trip through the tropical canopies and visit lakes, waterfalls and hidden beaches straight off the cover of National Geographic. If you’re the adventuring type, you’re certainly in the right place, and you’ll do well to join one of the guided kayaking tours to the offshore islets of La Parguera. Here you’ll find spooky mangrove rivers, friendly manatees and the incredible bioluminescent bay of Laguna Grande in Fajardo. Another way to explore Puerto Rico’s stunning 375 miles of coast is by bicycle. Join a cycling tour of the entire island (or just a part if you’re not up for that much peddling!) to see the rainforests, beaches and historical landmarks all in one incredible trip.

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If you’re ready to hit the water, Rincón in Northwest Puerto Rico is known for its incredible surf and has been hosting international surf competitions for many years. The winter months in Puerto Rico are not only for peak surf conditions, but also the best time to go whale watching. Many of the boat tours will get you up close and personal with these magnificent creatures – so don’t forget your camera!

And for the really adventurous, how about a trip underground? The Rio Camuy Caves are about an hour west of San Juan and are some of the world’s largest caves – perfect for a spot of spelunking if you’re feeling brave? Whatever you decide to do in Puerto Rico, you can be sure it will come with plenty of adrenaline, lush nature and unforgettable sights – what more do you need on a holiday to this sizzling South American island?

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Puerto Rico is technically a South American island but is located in between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Ocean, just east of the Dominican Republic.


The Biosphere Reserve of Guanica State Forest is home to over 50% of Puerto Rico’s bird species. There’s over 36 miles of trails to spot them from.


La Parguera consists of around 30 naturally formed islets connected by mangrove lined waterways. The closest is around a mile offshore from Puerto Rico.


Rincón Beach held the 1968 World Surfing Championship and is a haven for surfers, who flock to ride its impressive 30ft waves.


Laguna Grande’s bioluminescence comes from the microscopic plankton, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, which gives off a dazzling glow when disturbed.


The 22-square-mile Mona Island is an uninhabited ecological reserve. Here you might find ancient carvings by the former inhabitants, the Taino Indians.


Guanica State Forest is filled with more than 700 species of plant, 48 of them being endangered so watch where you step!


El Yunque Rainforest is the only tropical rain forest in the entire United States National Forest System.


Rio Camuy Caves is the third largest underground river cave system in the world at more than 10 miles long, consisting of 220 caves.


The rugged landscape of Las Cuevas of Desecheo is off limits to tourists, but there are plenty of underwater canyons to explore.