The exotic charm of Morocco has kept people coming back here year after year. From bustling souks to sweeping deserts, impressive mountain ranges to tiny seaside villages, Morocco is an eccentric and colourful place to spend your holidays.Starting with the most famous place, Marrakech, you’ve got the endless souks of Jemaa el-Fna, selling everything from spices to silver, you might even find your very own magic lamp if you haggle hard enough! But Marrakech offers more than just shopping, here you can watch snake charmers, try exotic delicacies and visit the breathtaking gardens of Jardin Majorelle. If you’re up for a relaxing break, many of the resorts in Marrakech have their own swimming pools and spas, but if you’re looking for a beach break, your best bet is to head to Agadir along the west coast. Here you’ll find warm golden sands and gentle waves, plus all the fresh seafood you can eat.

Another stunning coastal town is Essaouira, where colourful fishing boats bob along the harbor and the relaxed atmosphere brings people from near and far. Like any Moroccan town, Essaouira has its own souk, where you’ll find gorgeous souvenirs to take back home. If you’re after something specific, the town of Fez is known for its tanneries where skilled locals have created beautiful leather goods for many centuries. The Fes El Bali walled medina is where you’ll find gorgeous leatherware, in amongst the vibrant souks, ornate medieval architecture and old-world charm.

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For an even more awe-inspiring setting, head north to Chefchaouen, a stunning blue-walled city in the Rif Mountains. Every tiny house here is decorated in bright blue paint and colourful flowers - making it a favourite with keen photographers. Then of course you’ve got the iconic Sahara Desert, its golden sands stretching as far as the eye can see. The best way to see the Sahara Desert is on the back of a camel, in true Bedouin style. For the adrenaline option, take a 4x4 out across the dunes and tear up some sand, action movie-style.

For the adventurous holidaymakers, a trip to the beautiful Atlas Mountains should be high on your list of holiday activities. The Atlas Mountains are a great place to go hiking, whatever your ability, and you can spot tiny Berber villages, epic ravines and all manner of wildlife along the way. For a true taste of North Africa, complete with a huge variety of exotic experiences, Morocco is the place to go, just remember to make room in your suitcase for all the exciting souvenirs you’ll bring home!

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The word souk means marketplace, and evidence of these colourful shopping centres has been found dating as far back as the 6th Century BC.


Coffee is a big deal in Morocco and the most popular is called nuss nuss. It’s half espresso and half milk and will get you raring to go on your next activity.


At 172,395 miles², Morocco is around the same size as California. It features two mountain ranges, the Atlas and Rif Mountains, as well as the Sahara Desert.


If you like skiing, head to Oukaïmeden in the Atlas Mountains. At 2,600 - 3,200 metres above sea level, it’s the highest ski resort in Africa.


Essaouira is a popular place with celebs, with rock legends like Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens frequenting it in the 1960s.


A mssman (pronounced ‘miss-em-man’) is a delicious savoury pancake eaten with cheese or honey. You’ll find them sold at most souks.


Casablanca is Morocco’s biggest city and starred in the eponymous 1942 film, Casablanca, which is consistently named one of the best films ever made.


A riad is a Moroccan guesthouse with a courtyard in the middle. Decorated with beautiful mosaics, plants and water features, a riad is a fantastic place to stay.


Marrakech is known as ‘The Red City’ for its rust coloured walls. It’s most popular dish is called a tangia, a slow-cooked meat dish cooked in an urn.


The word Atay means tea in Arabic. Moroccan atay is usually made from green tea leaves, fresh mint and lots of sugar. It’s usually drunk with friends.