Homeland of famous musicians and sportsmen, Bob Marley and Usain Bolt to name but a few, Jamaica oozes cool. Individual and begging to be explored, some of the best places in the Caribbean can be found on this charming island. Perfect for hiking holidays, beach holidays and cultural getaways, Jamaica has it all.

View the island from the top of Blue Mountain Peak and sample of the culinary delights Jamaica has to offer; from traditional street food that would sate the hungriest of culture vultures to seriously good restaurants on the shores. Steeped in history, enjoy soaking up the island’s history while you meander through the many mangroves and shady hideaways.

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You can’t miss Lime Cay. Located near Port Royal, this is one of the most beaches on the island.

You won’t find any resorts or hotels here because it is uninhabitable to humans – the tide submerges the beach when it comes in. The beaches here are spectacular.

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Jamaica is home to many exotic fruits, typically mangoes, rose apple, sweet-cup, otaheiti apple, jack fruit, guinep, tamarind and naseberry, among others. You can buy these at the side of road.


Jamaica has a lot of mountains and the Blue Mountain Peak is the officially the highest point on the island at 7,402 feet above sea level.


As well as mountains, Jamaica also has a lot of rivers. These flow from the coast to the various mountain ranges that sit in the centre of the island.


Christopher Columbus came to Jamaica in 1494. He landed in Discovery Bay and he spent an entire year in St Anne’s Bay.


Jamaica is well-known for its wildlife. There are over 252 species of birds here, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This includes the Streamer Tailed Hummingbird, the national bird of Jamaica.


The Spanish took over Jamaica for a while but when the English came over and took it from them, they formed an independent group of people called the Maroons and lived on the neighbouring islands.


The official national dish of Jamaica is ackee and salt fish. Ackee is a fruit but used as a vegetable.


A symbol of the island, the mongoose was first bought to the island to kill snakes, of which there was an abundance.


Snorkelers will be pleased to learn that there’s over 50 species of coral in Jamaica.


Native to Jamaica, the coconut is officially the most useful tree in the world. Man uses every part of it!