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Just off the coast of Italy, the pretty town of Comiso boats some of Sicily’s finest sandy beaches and a whole host of cultural hotspots to discover. From the golden sandy stretches of Marina di Ragusa to the quiet coves of Comiso itself, you won’t be hard pushed to find a sunny spot to set your towel down. Most of the beaches around Ragusa have sunbeds, showers, cafes and enough gelato to keep the kids happy and cool. If it’s history you’re after, Comiso is a fantastic choice with more than five famous ancient churches and a castle to boot. Don’t miss a trip to the beautiful Naselli Castle or the lively Santa Maria delle Grazie church where the town’s festival takes place in September.

The town has a distinctly baroque feel with winding alleyways and elegant church spires reaching into the clear blue skies. Many of these buildings were rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries after Italy’s largest ever earthquake destroyed a huge portion of Sicily, and much of Italy and Malta too. Because of this, many of the churches and public buildings have an eccentric mix of styles which lend themselves perfectly to a spot of photography.

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The food in Sicily is not to be forgotten and embraces the traditional Italian tastes with plenty of local fruit and vegetables including the famous Sicilian lemon. To really get a feel for Comiso’s fare, dine at one of the town’s friendly trattorias or take a trip to nearby Marina di Ragusa for seafood and delicious local wines.

Comiso is one of Sicily’s most fertile regions and you’ll find plenty of fresh produce to try as well as locally made furniture and crafts to admire. If you want to buy some of Sicily’s finest souvenirs head to nearby Vittoria, one of the island’s main market towns, where you’ll find some fantastic things to take home. Speaking of home, it’s unlikely you’ll want to return there after a trip to sunny Comiso! This picturesque seaside town is still relatively unknown, so get packing and head down there before everyone catches onto its brilliance.

Top five things to do in Comiso

10 facts about Comiso


Home to more than five ancient churches, Comiso is quite the cultural hotspot. Try a tour of them all and don’t forget to bring your camera.


Comiso’s main exports are wine and vegetables, smithery, marble work and cabinet making. You’ll find plenty of souvenir worthy pieces in the local markets.


In 1693, Italy’s largest earthquake destroyed 70 towns and much of Sicily. Comiso was rebuilt to the baroque style of the time, giving it a fascinating look.


Nearby Ragusa Ibla is home to an impressive 14 Unesco World Heritage buildings, all located in an area less than one square kilometre.


Naselli Castle should be high on your list. Its mix of architecture styles range from a 14th century tower to Roman busts and 11th century Byzantine frescoes.


Near the former NATO base is a Buddhist “stupa” or meditation shrine. Check it out if you need a little holiday quiet time.


The Church of the Capuchins in the south of Comiso contains the mummified remains of local noble families - perhaps not one for the squeamish!


Comiso has been home to humans since the Neolithic age and traces of settlements have survived thousands of years in the rural countryside.


The Santa Maria delle Grazie church was built in the 15th century but only the elaborate pillars and pointed arches still remain of the original design.


The civic museum at the Old Fish Market in the Piazza delle Erbe contains thousands of fossils, sea shells and minerals from all over Sicily.