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Kalamata is one of the hidden gems of Greece, with many holidaymakers overlooking it in favour of the popular Greek islands. However, those in the know are rewarded with stunning scenery, indulgent activities and a truly relaxing break.

Sitting on the horseshoe shaped bay of Messinia, Kalamata boasts a pretty pebble beach that is loved by locals and holidaymakers alike. Kalamata Beach is a tranquil offering, perfect for settling down with a good book, whereas at nearby Almiros Beach you'll find plenty of vibrant beach bars and water sports to entice.

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As well as an abundance of picturesque beaches, Kalamata also boasts an amazing position sitting at the foot of towering Mount Taygetos. It's a decidedly low-key destination, with a focus on relaxing holidays with an authentic Greek feel. Thanks to its position on the bay, it's easy to explore the rest of the Messinia area from Kalamata. Pylos is one exceptional spot that has plenty to offer the curious day-tripper.

You'll find a 13th century castle in Kalamata itself, as well as an archaeological museum for those who want to find out more about the area's history. Once you've had your fill of culture, the town square and the marina are both pretty places to while away a relaxing hour or two. For tranquil and traditional holidays in Greece, Kalamata is an ideal choice. Book your cheap flights with

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