As countries go, Gambia is pretty small – the smallest country in mainland Africa in fact. However, as a holiday destination it has big ideas and packs a real punch when it comes to providing exciting, authentically African holidays.

At just 500km long and 50km wide, Gambia cuts into Africa, pointing like a finger from the coast to Senegal. The sliver of Gambian coast is popular for its soft, pale sands and stunning resorts, but the rest of the country boasts plenty to hold a holidaymaker's interest.

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Banjul, the country's capital, sits at the mouth of the Gambian river, a 1,120km stretch of water that cuts Gambia down the middle. The Arch 22 monument welcomes you to the city, offering views which stretch out for miles. From Banjul, you have the perfect entry point to the national parks of this stunning country. The wildlife here roams free and gives the perfect opportunity for a safari adventure. Of course, if holidays for you are all about the beaches, it's rich pickings on the gorgeous Gambian coastline.

Whether you stick to the beaches or want to adventure a little further inland, food is a big part of any Gambian experience. Sweet and spicy flavours make a heady combination here, with rich curries and stews forming the basis of traditional meals. Gambia is undoubtedly a world away from most package holidays, but those who do venture to this African gem will be rewarded richly. Book your cheap flights to Gambia with Thomascook Airlines and see for yourself what awaits.

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