The island of Cuba is an endlessly fascinating place. With its breathtaking beaches, classic cars, Art Deco architecture and magnificent natural wonders, Cuba is a country that’s culturally rich and incredibly beautiful, a miracle in itself. The perfect choice for families and couples alike, Cuba really does have something for everyone.

Visit its capital city Havana and experience one of the most unique and dazzling cities in the world. Head into the countryside and you’ll find mountain ranges and seemingly endless forests, plains filled with sugar cane and birdwatching trails made for exploring.

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Cuba really is a fascinating place, where in essence, time has stood still. With so much to look at and learn, the gorgeous beaches are just an added bonus. The spectacular beaches of Playa Esmeralda, Playa Pesquero and Guardalavaca are popular tourist choices, where unspoiled reefs and plentiful marine life ensure first-rate diving and snorkelling.

Further inland will reveal rolling hills and rugged mountains just begging to be explored, or, of course, Havana is the home of salsa and mambo, cigars and Havana Club rum.

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Cuba has an unusually high number of doctors. In fact, the country often sends its doctors when other countries have a high demand for medical care.


The Internet in Cuba is amongst the most tightly controlled in the world and is developing (literally) slowly - access is the exception rather than the norm.


Christmas is a relatively new celebration to those under 30 in Cuba and was reinstated in 1998 after a 30-year ban. Then-President Castro agreed this after a visit from the Pope.


According to a study in 2013, the average Cuban wage pe. month was 471 pesos - that’s less than $20 per month.


Cubans were prohibited from owning mobile phones until 2008. Now, around 11% of all Cubans own and use one.


One of Fidel Castro's first acts as the President of Cuba was ordering all the games of Monopoly to be destroyed.


Cuba is banned from selling Coca Cola products from America. Imported Coca Cola from elsewhere can be found but is said to have a different taste.


The world’s smallest hummingbird resides in Cuba. This lovely, fluffy little bird, called the Bee Hummingbird, measure only 2.1 inches - when it flies, it looks like a hovering jewel.


The Manjuari is a long grey fish found only in Cuban waters. It can grow up to a whopping 2m long and is edible, though its eggs are poisonous to humans.


Ernest Hemingway wrote “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “the Old Man and the Sea” while he lived in Cuba.