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A holiday to Grenada is like a trip to paradise. The white sandy beaches and lush rainforests take the prize for beauty, but the rich culture and laid back atmosphere of this gorgeous island will make paradise pale in comparison. Most will start their holiday at Grenada’s most popular Grand Anse beach, a stunning curve of powdery soft sand dotted with palm trees. Here you can try water sports, dine at seafront restaurants or just relax in a sun lounger with a Grenada rum cocktail from one of the laidback beach bars. For the more active travellers, spend the afternoon exploring the clear waters of Grenada’s reef systems. There are snorkelling and diving spots all over the island and many local boat tours will include a spot of underwater adventuring. Make sure to check out the fascinating Underwater Sculptures dotted amongst the corals.

If snorkelling or diving isn’t your thing, how about some kayaking or canoeing, jet skiing or zip lining for some adrenaline packed activities? But there’s more to Grenada than its stunning seas. Back on land you’ve got the rainforest to explore, and in particular the lush Grand Etang National Park which is home to impressive waterfalls and hordes of wildlife including rare Mona monkeys and the national bird, the Grenada dove. Amongst the rare wildlife, Grand Etang National Park is home to the magnificent Lake Grand Etang, once an active volcano, now a stunning centrepiece providing incredible hikes, including the challenging, guided trek up Mt Qua Qua.

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For something a little more civilised, head to the fascinating Belmont Estate for a spice tour, the Grenada Chocolate Company for chocolate tasting, or the historical ruins of Fort George. Fort George overlooks the harbour and can be a bit of a climb, but it’s worth it for the spectacular views.

After a whole day of exploring, relax with dinner and drinks at the pretty Carenage harbour in Grenada’s capital of St. George's. If you’re after something even more special, charter a yacht or book an evening excursion on a cruise ship for dinner at sea as the sun goes down over this spectacular island. A holiday to Grenada is more than a trip to paradise. Experience the splendour and adventure of this tropical Caribbean hideaway, just keep it to yourself!

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The River Sallee Boiling Springs consist of six geological waterholes with water temperatures of up to 35°C.


Mount Qua Qua is only Grenada’s second highest peak but is the most popular for hiking. The best route is Grand Etang Lake to Mont Qua Qua and Concorde Falls.


Grenada still has several active rum distilleries including the organic Rivers Antoine which is made using an ancient waterwheel.


Grenada is 12 by 21 miles making it about twice the size of Washington, DC. Despite this it has a tiny population making it one of the least crowded countries.


The Grenada Carnival takes place in August and hosts extraordinary cultural events with a mix of African and Spanish heritage.


Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall is Grenada’s biggest at an impressive 70 feet high. Despite its height it’s one of the island’s easiest to reach.


The Belmont Estate spans a mammoth 400 acres of gardens and spice plantations. Some of the spices grown here include ginger, turmeric, pimento and nutmeg.


Sandy Island is a protected marine environment reached only by boat, though actually anchoring the boat here is not permitted in order to protect the ecosystem.


One of the best places to see the rare Mona Monkey is at the Visitor Centre at Grand Etang Lake and around the lake itself.


St. George's was colonised by the French in 1650 and was originally called Ville de Fort Royale until 1763 when it was passed to the British and renamed.