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The second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the fourth-largest in Bulgaria, Bourgas is the gateway to Bulgaria’s best beach resorts, surrounded by the Burgas Lakes. The city itself surrounds Lake Burgas, Bulgaria's largest lake, an important area for migrating birds - over 250 species of birds inhabit the lake area.

Bourgas is well situated for entry into Bulgaria’s glorious beach resorts, of which there are many to choose from. From lively sunny beach to peaceful Nessebar, to family-friendly Elenite and breathtaking Ozbar, there’s plenty to see and explore if you’re looking for something a little different.

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Book your flights to Bourgas in Bulgaria with and discover a fascinating country with plenty of culture, history, beauty and stunning beach resorts just waiting to be explored and discovered.

With really fantastic beach holidays and incredible scenery to explore, Bourgas offers great value for money beach holidays with a difference. From traditional beach resorts to stunning nature and fabulously preserved historical monuments, Bulgaria has appeal for couples and families alike - and is great value for money, too.

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St Anastasia Island is part of the city and once housed a convent, which closed in 1923, when the island was transformed into a prison. 43 inmates revolted and escaped in 1925.


Bourgas’s Museum of Salt documents the production and history of salt trading in the area. There’s a free mud bath close to the entrance to experience the salty benefits for yourself.


Strandja is not just a mountain but a forested region in the south-east of Bulgaria, which is a national park and nature reserve. It runs from Primorsko to the border with Turkey.


Beglik Tash is a rock sanctuary, a short stroll north of the city of Primorsko. This natural phenomenon of large megaliths was arranged and carved by a Thracian tribe. Beglik Tash is a rock sanctuary, a short stroll north of the city of Primorsko.


The 20-year old Castle of Ravadinovo, close to Sozopol, is worth a visit for its unusual architecture, with picturesque steeples and towers and several of the roof trusses still bare.


The Rila Cross is a wooden cross with 140 microscopic scenes from the Bible. The largest figurine is no bigger than a grain of rice and was carved by a monk for over 12 years.


Some of the most famous opera bass singers, Boris Christov and Nickolai Guaurov, and the soprano Raina Kabaivanska, are Bulgarians.


There are a huge number of waterfalls in Bulgaria. The total number? Around 300, 70. Be sure to check out the waterfall bar in Nessebar.


The largest bay in Bulgaria is the Bourgas bay at the Black Sea coast. It stretches 31km into the land. At its widest point, it measures 41km, and its deepest, 25m.


There are eels living in Bulgarian rivers, which spawn as far away as the Sargasso Sea, east of Florida in the United States of America.