With beach holidays for all tastes and some incredible scenery to explore (plus surprisingly good value for money), it's really no wonder that Turkey's northern neighbour has gained in popularity. Blending traditional beach resorts and glorious nature, Bulgaria has some absolutely amazing beaches with plenty of appeal for adults travelling with or without children.

From the sunny Black Sea coast with its seemingly endless stretch of sand at lively Sunny Beach, to ski and snowboard runs in its winter sports resorts, there’s plenty for everyone. Get booking though - Bulgaria won’t stay a secret for long!

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The secret’s out - but don’t take our word for it. Immersing yourself in Bulgaria is the best and only way to find out for yourself, whether you’re skiing in its mountains, wandering its ancient cities or sunning yourself on one of its beautiful beach resorts.

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10 facts about Bulgaria


The yogurt in Bulgaria is supposed to be the best, because the bacteria used to make it, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, is only found naturally in Bulgarian air.


A chat with an older Bulgarian may be confusing - nodding means no, and shaking of the head means yes. If they’re accommodating you, they may reverse - it’s a conversational minefield!


The country's national drink is Rakia, made from fermented fruit. From 40% to 80% proof, it’s not for the faint of heart. It can be made from pears, plums, grapes, peaches or apricots.


Bulgaria’s national dish is Shopska, a salad of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers, topped with white brine cheese and dressed with sunflower oil and red wine vinegar.


Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful roses, which are used to make up a large percentage of the world’s rose oil. There’s even an annual rose festival celebrating the blooms.


Bulgaria was the world's second largest wine producer in 1980s, when it was omnipresent at dinner tables, but the industry collapsed. However, rumour has it, it’s making a comeback.


The Bulgarian national instrument is, surprisingly, the bagpipes! Known as the Kaba Gaida, it’s characterised by a big bag, long chanter and drone, with a deep and beautiful tone.


Though tiny, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe for biodiversity, with many rare species. Brown bears, wolves, golden jackal, wild cats and more can be found in its forested hills.


Plovdi is Europe’s oldest inhabited city, even older than Athens. It dates back to 4000BC and despite its age, is largely unspoilt by tourism and well worth a visit.


Ancient Rome’s influence on Bulgaria is clear in many of its cities. Uncover Roman baths in Varna, beautiful ruins in Sofia, and the well-preserved Roman theatre in Plovdiv.