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Last minute flights

Feeling like going away and you don't want to wait. We've got great prices available if you want to fly in the near future, like the Canary Islands, Turkey, Egypt.

Terms & Conditions: Prices shown in our price lists are one way fares based on a return flight for travel in approximately the next 5 weeks. A £20 discount (£10 per sector) is applied to Economy return flight to Funchal, Madeira in Portugal. The offer can be booked until 27 May 2018 and is valid for travel May until October 2018 and May until October 2019. The reduced price can be seen on the search results page. Discounted flights are subject to limited availability.
We use dynamic pricing to set the price of its seats, based on demand and availability. This means that seats sold on a particular flight are priced differently according to take up and demand for that particular flight. So if there is high demand for a particular flight, seats on that flight will be more expensive. Our prices fluctuate regularly (up or down), dependent upon demand and availability for any given flight and seat. Travel restrictions may apply depending on date and time of travel and departure airport. Booking Conditions apply. Flights are sold by Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd.