Your seats

What is Sleeper Seat?

It’s a row of three seats that are all yours. Our cabin crew will transform them into your bed in the sky. We hope this helps you top up on sleep, so you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your holiday.

You’ll find Sleeper Seat on most long-haul routes

On our A330s, in Economy Class*, to be specific. Buckle up as usual in your seat for take off and landing. Then, once the plane is in the air, just ask our crew to set up Sleeper Seat for you. If you've booked a meal, please ask crew to set the mattress up after the meal service. If you’re catching forty winks, we won’t disturb you (unless the plane is getting ready to land). And just fold the headrest up if you’d like to stretch your legs.

*Subject to availability in economy classes except Economy Light. Not on flights to/from Cuba.

**During winter '19/20 we'll have one plane in reserve. Sleeper Seat will be available onboard in a slightly different location and with slightly different dimensions: 142 cm long, 66 cm wide.

The extras that come with it

  • A comfortable pillow
  • A cosy blanket
  • Fitted sheet
  • A headrest for extra comfort
  • An extension safety belt for when you’re lying down

Maximise your rest

We asked some of our crew and team to try Sleeper Seat. The results were that we think you’ll be comfiest on the Sleeper Seat if you're 5 ft 11” or under. And, while we don't want to restrict you, we do recommend only booking Sleeper Seat if you are under this height.

And so everyone stays safe…

  • One person per Sleeper Seat
  • Sleepyheads must be 12 years old or older
  • Cabin crew set up and stow mattresses, but are unable to help anyone on or off them.
  • Passengers with hidden disabilities can book the Sleeper Seat. Though, if you need help on and off the mattress you must travel with your carer or companion. 
  • Passengers with portable oxygen concentrators/nebulisers or any other medical equipment can't book a Sleeper Seat. It's unsafe to store these nearby. 
  • Food or drink is not offered while the Sleeper Seat is in use.

Top 5 questions about Sleeper Seat

1. How does it work?

Our cabin crew will set up your Sleeper Seat during the flight. They'll install special cushions which will transform your seats into a comfy place to rest. We'll provide you with a pillow, blanket and fitted sheet. We also have an extension seat belt, which you should fasten when lie down. 

2. Where are the Sleeper Seat rows located?

Sleeper Seats are located at the rear of our Airbus A330 aircraft.

3. Do I have to share the Sleeper Seat with a stranger?

No, when you book our Sleeper Seat, you get the entire row to yourself.

4. Do I have to a seat belt when lying down or sleeping?

Yes. Our cabin crew will give you an extension seat belt for comfort and safety when lying down or sleeping. And, as usual, you must fasten your seat belt when the pilot switches on the seat belt lights. 

5. I’m travelling with my family. Can we share the Sleeper Seat?

No. You must be over 12 years old to use Sleeper Seat. And only one person at a time can use it.