Long haul

If you're flying far away for your holiday, we have a range of seats to make sure you get there in comfort. 

More than 7 hours flight time

Our A330-200 economy seats

Stretch out, relax and get comfortable in our roomy economy seats. With a seat width of 18.2 inches* and 31 inch seat pitch, you’re sure to be travelling in comfort, arriving in your chosen destination refreshed and raring to go. You can find out more about our Economy Class service here.

* Flights from London Gatwick from Winter 2015 onward have a seat width of 17.2 inches.

It’s all about more space…The seat backs have been made thinner by using cutting edge materials and technology which ultimately allow more leg room. The shape of the back rest structure has been designed to allow maximum leg room. The seat width has been increased to optimise personal living space, making your flight a whole lot more comfortable.

Sleeper Seat: ease restless flights

We want to do all we can to help you drift off onboard. That's where our Sleeper Seat comes in – lie flat on an ultra-comfy mattress on a whole row of seats. Available on selected long-haul economy services, except Economy Light.

What you get with Sleeper Seat

Our Premium Class seats

In our Premium Class, your seat has been designed to offer you a more personal living space. As well as the generous seat width of 19.7” and pitch of 35”, all seats have an in-arm tray table which folds in half to become a handy cup holder. Each seat also offers a foot rest, and with a recline of 6”, it making it easier to relax and stay comfortable during a your long-haul flight.

What you get with Premium:

  • 1 x 25kg baggage allowance (32kg on USA routes)
  • 10 kg hand baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding & check-in
  • 3 x course Premium meal service by James Martin
  • Full access to our on demand touch screen entertainment library
  • Complimentary drinks (not including Champagne)
  • And lots more!

Find out more about our Premium Class service here.