Special menu

If you have a special requirement for your in-flight meal, we have some top-quality alternatives serving various needs. 


Classic vegetable biriyani meal available from the special diet menu.

Special dietry options

Looking for something special? Of course - you can also choose from our wide range of pre-bookable, top-quality alternatives serving various needs (such as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and gluten-free)*. All meals are created by our nutritional experts, in accordance with the international dietary guidelines and standards set out by IATA.

Please note that the special diet menu is not from the James Martin range.


  • Vegan option: Carrot and broccoli rosti, sauteed mushrooms in Provencale tomato sauce.
  • Diabetic/gluten intolerant option: Scrambled egg, grilled back bacon, rosti potatoes, sauteed mushrooms in Provencale tomato sauce.

Main meal

Served on outbound flights departing from the UK

  • Vegan option: Classic vegetable biriyani.
  • Diabetic/gluten intolerant option: Roast chicken breast, gravy, grilled potato slices, carrots and broccoli.

Main meal

Served on inbound flights departing from the UK

  • Vegan option: Morrocan vegetable tagine with cous cous.
  • Diabetic/gluten intolerant option: Slow braised beef in paprika cream sauce, brown rice and green beans.

Nut allergy

None of our meals contain nuts but there may be traces of nuts as meals are prepared in an area that may have contained nuts. If passengers have a severe allergy we recommend they take their own food on-board.

Peanuts and nut products are sold on board. Please advise a member of our crew once on board the flight of your allergy. The cabin crew can suspend the sale of nut products during that flight. They will make an announcement to other passengers requesting them to refrain from consuming their own nuts whilst on board the aircraft. However, we cannot forbid passengers from consuming food containing nuts on board.

Please note: Dishes are subject to operational changes at any time. Our vegan, diabetic and gluten intolerant meals are not James Martin branded. 
* On flights departing from the US, meals will not be James Martin Meals.