From prosciutto wrapped chicken to salted caramel pudding and afternoon tea, our Premium Class menu lets you indulge in something a little extra special while you fly.


Excluding all flights departing from the USA and Cape Town to the UK.

Main - outbound from UK

Roast chicken Bordelaise with Wensleydale cheese dauphinoise potatoes and roasted carrots. A succulent roast chicken thigh with a rich red wine and herb sauce, oven baked creamy Wensleydale cheese dauphinoise potato and roasted carrots.

Or slow braised Tennessee barbecue beef brisket with mac 'n' cheese and roasted corn. Three hour braised tender beef brisket in smokey barbecue sauce with Tennessee whisky served with classic mac 'n' cheese with roasted corn.

Accompanied by
A selection of warm bread rolls and salted caramel ice cream.

Belgian chocolate, caramel and ginger cheesecake and Butlers secret cheddar, Wensleydale, fig and date chutney and table crackers.

Main - inbound to UK

Classic coq au vin with buttered mash potato. A classic french comfort dish of tender braised chicken thigh, herbs, red wine, baby onions and bacon served with creamy buttered mash. 

Or, beer braised shin of beef, herb pearl barley risotto and ale roasted shallots. Slow braised shin of beef with Kentish ale, creamy herb and pearl barley rissotto and ale roasted baby shallots.   

Accompanied by
A selection of warm bread rolls.

Costa Rican pineapple and caramel pudding with coconut. Butlers secret cheddar and Croxton Manor red Leicester with red onion chutney and table crackers.

Lighter bites

Outbound from UK
James Martin's Afternoon Tea with a selection of filled rolls, scones, jam and chocolate and cherry cake. 

Inbound to UK
Jonagold apple and blackberry muffin and a Golden Acre strawberry yoghurt pot plus a warm pain au chocolat pastry.

Special diet

All children's and special dietary requirements meals must be pre-ordered before you fly. 


Cumin roasted cauliflower & butternut, sambhar, caramelised onion and pine nut pulao rice, mango chutney. -Roasted sweet butternut and cauliflower florets lightly spiced with cumin seeds with Sambhar masala braised lentils, caramelised onion and pine nut pulao rice and spicy mango chutney. 

Or, oven baked pesto and mozzarella filled gnocchi and vine ripened arrabiata sauce. Baked potato gnocchi filled with basil pesto and mozzarella in a slow cooked vine ripened tomato sauce scented with chilli.  


Moroccan vegetable tagine with cous cous.

Diabetic/gluten intolerant
Roast chicken breast with gravy, grilled potato slices, carrots and broccoli or slow braised beef in paprika cream sauce, brown rice and green beans.


A standard option meal dessert and with cheese and crackers will also be served where appropriate. A suitable substitute will be served otherwise.

USA Flights

Main - inbound from USA to UK (excluding New York)

Roast chicken breast in a mushroom cream sauce with glazed potatoes and green beans or beef short ribs with red skinned mash potato, carrots and kale in green peppercorn sauce.

Caramel cheesecake.

Served with
Cheese and crackers and a bread roll with butter.

Second service
Continental breakfast, warm pain au chocolat, wild blueberry muffin, fruit yoghurt and orange juice.

All meals are served with complimentary teas, coffee or squash.

Special meals - inbound from USA to UK (excluding New York)

These meals must be pre-ordered before you fly.

Chicken nuggets and crispy potatoes, peas or sweetcorn.

Ravioli with a Wenslydale cheese sauce, glazed shallots and edamame beans.

Vegan dish of the day.

Diabetic/gluten intolerant
Roast chicken breast with demi glaze sauce and root vegetables.

Dessert and cheese will be served where appropriate. If not then a substitute will be provided. All meals are served with complimentary teas, coffee or squash.

Flights from JFK New York to UK (not James Martin)

First service
Turkey and cheese sub sandwich or a vegetarian sub sandwich. Both are served with a brownie.

Second service
Hot breakfast including chicken sausages, potato rostis, Canadian bacon, sauteed mushrooms and roma tomato or a vegetarian cheese omelette.

Served with
A yoghurt, granola bar and orange juice will be served where appropriate to dietary requirements. Substitutes will be provided otherwise.

Special meals
Any special meals or dietary requirements must be pre-ordered before you fly, but unfortunately we can't advise on what will be served on flights departing from New York.

Please note that this information should be used as a guide only. Whilst it is correct for the vast majority of our flights there may be occasions where we have to offer a different meal. We’re unable to serve James Martin meals on any flights departing from the USA and Cape Town due to local laws.