James Martin

Our taste buds don’t work as well when we fly, so that’s why top chef James Martin has created in-flight meals packed full of big, bold flavours that have been specially crafted to taste great even at altitude. 

Food that tastes great at altitude

When we’re at altitude, the air pressure and humidity in the cabin means that we can’t taste food as well as we can when we’re on the ground. So to make sure that our meals still taste great, even when you’re travelling at 36,000 feet, James has used carefully selected ‘umami’ rich ingredients that pack each dish full of flavour.

Umami is our fifth taste and something that has only been discovered in recent years. It’s found in foods like mushrooms, tomatoes and parmesan and is best cooked with methods like caramelising, roasting and barbecuing which are just some of the ingredients and and techniques used to make our meals taste better.

James has been busy cooking up a new menu so you have even more delicious dishes to choose from. In our Economy cabin you’ll now have the option of barbecue chicken mac and cheese followed by chocolate mousse with salted caramel.

Two new main meal options are now available in Premium Class, including chicken wrapped in prosciutto with roast potatoes and lamb shoulder with delicious truffle dauphinoise potatoes. Take a look at our videos to see what goes into your in-flight meals and how James makes them so tasty. 

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Please note that this information should be used as a guide only. Whilst it is correct for the majority of our flights there may be occasions where we have to offer a different meal. We’re unable to serve James Martin meals on any flights departing from the USA and Cape Town due to local laws.