We think that the food you have on your flight should taste great, so we’ve worked hard to make sure you have delicious and varied in-flight meals. Top chef James Martin has even put together an exclusive menu just for us that is full of proper dishes with big flavours that you wouldn’t expect to taste on a plane.

Pre-ordered meals

Whatever time of day you’re flying, it’s good to know that when you get on board you’ll have a tasty meal of your choice ready to refresh you. We have a range of dishes created by James Martin to suit your taste buds as well as your dietary requirements, from our standard short, mid and long-haul menu to vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and gluten intolerant options. And during your flight you'll be offered complimentary tea, coffee or squash.

There’s also something special for the kids, who save 50% on the usual adult meal price. You can order your meal when you book your flight or up until 24 hours before it departs through your Manage My Booking. If you make your choice 30 days or more before you go you’ll save money with our early bird discount. You can take a look through our menus below and even see how James has put together some of our newest dishes with latest videos.

On board

The pre-order menu isn’t available on board so make sure you book before you go either online, through your travel agent or by calling our Customer Contact Centre.

However when you do get on board you’ll also have a selection of food and drinks too choose from that you can purchase throughout your flight, all payable with cash or credit card*.

** Please note that credit card payments are only available for amounts of 5.00 € / £ 0.00 or more on Thomas Cook Group Airline’s flights and flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium. Change will be given in local currency even for payments in foreign currency.

This information should be used as a guide only. Whilst it is correct for the majority of our flights there may be occasions where we have to offer a different meal. We’re unable to serve James Martin meals on any flights departing from the USA and Cape Town due to local laws.