Top chef James Martin has put together an exclusive menu just for us. It's full of proper dishes with big flavours that you wouldn't expect to taste on a plane.

Our tastebuds don't work as well at high altitude

So James Martin's meals are packed with bold flavours. They're all included free on long-haul flights.


For shorter flights, or if you need a special meal (kids' or vegetarian, say) - you'll need to pre-order

Keep the kids happy

Make sure your little ones are well fed in the sky, with our kid-friendly, hot meals and tasty snack boxes. Our children's menus are half price and designed to avoid hangry tantrums.

Our Premium meals

If you're flying in Economy PLUS or Premium Class you can enjoy a choice of extra special meals, along with complimentary drinks to toast your trip.

Sample Premium menu

Cafe Cloud

You can't order James Martin meals onboard. But you can grab snacks and a range of drinks. Pay with cash or card.

We no longer sell nuts onboard

And we recommend you don't bring nuts or foods containing nuts onboard - always better to be on the safe side.

Watch James Martin in action

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Travelling with a food allergy

We do all we can to cater for everyone. If you or someone you're travelling with has a severe food allergy, we recommend you:

  • Carry enough suitable, ready-to-eat food onboard for your whole flight(s).
  • Carry any required medication in case of an emergency. 

Contact us before you travel

Anyone with a severe allergy must contact our Special Assistance team before travel so we can ensure our cabin crew are aware.

On the day you fly, please speak to the cabin manager when you board. We can suspend the sale of possible allergens (e.g. peanuts) if needed. Crew can also make an announcement to ask other passengers to save any problematic food the may have with them until after the flight. 

What can we offer?

Take a look at our current menus above – available onboard until May '19. Occasionally, they can be subject to change at short notice.

Note that external caterers prepare our meals. These partners cannot guarantee that food prep happens in an environment free from the food to which you are allergic. And while we also can't guarantee an environment free from the food you are allergic to, we will do our best to help you while flying with us. 

Need more information?

No problem. Contact our Special Assistance team and they'll be happy to help.