In-flight entertainment

Welcome to your Thomas Cook Airlines in-flight entertainment. We are proud to offer you a selection of movie classics, the latest blockbusters and your favourite TV shows to help you relax during your flight. 

Short and mid-haul

Flying off to one of our short or mid-haul destinations? On selected flights you’ll have a selection of popular TV shows on overhead screens and a range of music to choose from. With us, your holiday starts on-board so just sit back, relax and catch up on your favourite shows and those series you’ve been waiting to watch. You can use the video and audio program with standard double pin headphones, which are also available on board for £3.00/€3.50. If you have your own headphones that are not double pin you can buy an adapter for £2.00.


On long-haul flights with our Airbus A330 fleet, a personal monitor is available to you in all classes, which you can use to personalise your entertainment program. Our Premium Entertainment program includes more than 50 movies and 100 TV-series as well as an interesting and varied range of music, comprising 24 radio channels and hundreds of audio CDs of all genres. You can use the video and audio program with standard headphones.

Comprehensive Premium entertainment is available at no extra charge to Premium Class passengers. Economy Class passengers will be able to watch a limited selection of content for free. To upgrade to the full library you can purchase an access code on board for only £6.00. 

Everyone on board our flights have access to our extensive audio library of 24 radio channels and over 4,000 songs from a wide selection of hit albums.