Baggage allowance

Pets and Other baggage

Flying with pets

For information about travelling with your pet, please see below.

For more information on travelling with an assistance/service dog, please see our assistance dogs page. 

You can transport your pets on Thomas Cook Airlines flights as cargo in the cargo hold.

To find out more about how to fly with an animal as well as booking deadlines, available routes and prices contact AIA Cargo directly on the following:

  • Phone: +44 (0) 203 432 7828
  • Email:

For non-Thomas Cook Airlines flights, please contact your airline directly.

Wedding baggage

If you're planning your dream wedding abroad, you'll no doubt have some extra items that you wouldn't usually take with you on your holiday. 

Wedding attire required by the Bride and Groom can be taken as hand baggage. The additional hand baggage allowance provided is 13 kg per person for the wedding couple only. This can be split over two bags to include one 8 kg bag and one 5kg but must not exceed a total allowance of 13 kg. Alternatively you can combine allowances and bring one bag with a weight maximum of 10kg. All hand baggage needs to be within the size restrictions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. This information supersedes any other hand baggage documentation you receive. Please note that it is mandatory to contact our call center and preregister your extra hand luggage before you travel. 

Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Tel: 01733 224 330 (please check with your service provider for any additional charges).

Electronic equipment

Technology moves at such a fast pace that you may be confused about what electronic equipment you can use on board. To help you, we have the following guidelines.

  • Mobile and smart phones can be used in “flight safe” mode. You need to activate it before you switch your phone off for take-off.
  • Mobile phones can be used in airplane mode during all phases of the flight.
  • Personal CD, DVD and MP3 players may be used when the seatbelt sign is switched off. Wireless devices such as PDA’s, laptop computers, tablet computers, electronic games and E-readers may be used if the wireless function is disabled and can only be used while the seat belt sign is off.
  • Radios, radio-controlled items, wireless mouses, minidisk recorders in recording mode, printers, CD-ROM burners, e-cigarettes are not to be used during the flight.

We consider the safety and comfort of all our customers on board as our priority – Thomas Cook Airlines do not allow the use of any device that blocks the reclining of aircraft seats. Out of consideration for all those travelling on our aircraft, we kindly ask that our customers do not try to use such gadgets during their flight.


If you are taking medical supplies with you and need extra baggage allowance this can be added by the airline you are travelling with.

If your booking is for flight only please fill in the Flight Only Special Assistance Request Form. Alternatively, the Thomas Cook Airlines Special Assistance department are open Monday - Saturday 08.00 - 22.00. Please call 0800 107 3409 for more information if required.

Charity and donations

We do our best to help out charities where we can. If you are travelling as part of a charity or wish to take some additional items for charitable purposes we will do our very best to accommodate you free of charge.

Registered charities
We can provide up to 10 kg per person charity luggage free of charge, we require proof in the form of a letter or email from the charity that must include the registration number.

Non Registered Charities
We can provide 5 kg at the discretion of the Thomas Cook Airlines, please note that we will require a written request along with details of the beneficiary. 

Due to the ever increasing cost of aviation fuel, we unfortunately have to limit the amount of charity baggage we can carry on our aircraft and once the limit is reached we will be unable to facilitate any further free charity allowance requests.

All charity baggage must be pre-booked in advance and packed in a separate bag and labelled as charity baggage. On very rare occasions we may refuse the carriage of charity baggage for operational reasons.