Baggage allowance

Sports baggage

Sports equipment

Taking sports equipment with you on holiday is a great way to have an active break abroad. All sports equipment must be registered no later than eight hours prior to departure. Sports equipment which has not been registered in advance is subject to load and cannot be guaranteed. Please make sure to comply with the transportation and packaging requirements as listed in our conditions of carriage/standard Terms of Business.

Additional terms and conditions apply if your journey includes feeder or connecting flights operated by other airlines. An extra handling fee of £50.00/ €60.01 at the airport will be charged in addition to the transportation price. Our liability for carrying your Sports equipment is limited in accordance with the International Conventions. Further details can be found on our lost or damaged baggage page, and in our Terms and Conditions of Carriage. We recommend that all our customers have adequate Insurance cover in place for up to the replacement value of all sports equipment before travelling.

Pre-booked transfers with your operator

The carriage of sports equipment on transfer coaches are subject to space available so if you're travelling by transfer to your resort you'll need to pre-book your equipment which may be subject to an additional charge. 


(booked up to 8 hours prior to departure)

Price per one way flight

Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Mainland

Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Malta and Gambia

East Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean

Group A sports equipment


£45.00/ €54,99


Group B sports equipment 




Transporting sporting equipment

Group A

Golf clubs (full sets) can be pre-purchased prior to travel. Prices are per person and all clubs must be suitably packed and not exceed 20kg in weight per person. Due to weight restrictions we can only carry a limited number of golf clubs and other sporting equipment on each flight (max dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height).

Diving gear (separately packed)
Scuba diving equipment up to 20 kg weight can be pre-purchased prior to travel. Prices are per person and equipment should be pack separately from other baggage as it may need to be checked at check-in (max dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height).

Scuba tanks are only conveyed if empty with open valves. Taking diving lights on board in carry-on baggage must be reported to the check-in staff. Deactivated diving lights (the bulb and rechargeable battery must be removed).

Sporting firearms
Firearms of up to 20 kg in weight (treated as excess baggage thereafter) must be carried in the hold of the aircraft. Prices are per person. You must carry the necessary license with you. Sporting firearms will only be transported in safety mode and unloaded in commercially available sporting firearms cases. Up to three firearms in one case. Pre-booking is required (max dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height).

Fishing equipment

You can take up to 20 kg of fishing equipment with you to include either one bait box, one haversack, one fishing basket or one box per flight. Catch is not included in fishing equipment (max dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm).

For further information, please call Pre-Travel Services on 01733 224 810 (Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:30) who will be able to advice you on the availability and the cost for adding this sporting equipment.

Skis and water-skis
Max. dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height. Passengers may carry of 1 set of skis, 1 pair of ski shoes, 1 helmet, 1 pair of ski sticks as however the combined weight should not exceed 20 kg and all items must be placed in one secure bag.

Weight: up to 20 kg, max. dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height. Above that charged as excess baggage.

Cricket and hockey equipment
Call customer services for details

Group B

If you’re planning on cycling while you’re on holiday, you can take your own bike with you up to 30kgs in weight. Above that charged as excess baggage. Max. dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 100 cm height. Bicycles are conveyed only in a pack-aged state. We recommend using bicycle cases or bags as packaging. 50% surcharge on tandems. E-Bikes will not be transported.

Surf boards, kite boards, body and boogie boards
Up to 30 kg, max. dimensions: 300 cm length x 60 cm width x 50 cm height.** Comprising 1 board + 1 mast + 1 sail or for kiteboards max. 2 boards, 3 kites, bar/harness and neoprene wetsuit all packed in 1 piece of baggage.

Canoe, kayak, inflatable rubber dinghy
Canoes of up to a maximum of 30 kg in weight can be carried. Prices are per person. Max dimensions: 300 cm length x 60 cm width x 50 cm height**.

Hang glider
Up to 30 kg, max. dimensions: 300 cm length x 60 cm width x 50 cm height. cm height.**

** Sports equipment which exceed the maximum dimensions is subject to surcharge. Please contact the special reservations service of the respective operating airline.

Other sporting equipment

Any other sporting equipment (e.g. tennis, squash and badminton equipment, inline skates, archery bows, horse riding equipment, mountaineering equipment) not listed can also be included in your baggage allowance. For baggage that exceeds the stated allowance, excess baggage charges will apply. Charges will apply both from the UK and overseas destinations at the equivalent local currency if not stated as follows:

  • Zone 1: £10.00 per kilo
  • Zone 2: £12.00 per kilo
  • Zones 3 & 4: £16 per kilo 

Insurance for sports equipment and baggage

Strict protocols are in place to support the safe handling and stowage of sports equipment and baggage, however, it is important to ensure that you have appropriate insurance cover in place to protect you in the event of damage, although these situations are extremely rare.  The airlines liability is restricted to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (aprx £1,030/1,200 eu’s depending on exchange rate) under the Montreal Convention.  You can find further details about our liability on our Lost or Damaged baggage page, and in our Terms and Conditions of Carriage in Section 27 ‘Airline Liability’.  A Special Declaration can be purchased at check-in, which will increase this liability to 2,000 Special Drawing Rights (aprx £2,084/2,370 eu’s depending on exchange rate).   Please ask our Ground Handling Agents at check-in about this additional cover if you are interested.  If the value of your sports equipment or baggage exceeds this, you must ensure that either your travel insurance, or other insurance cover is available to support a claim.

Subject to change without prior notice. Please consult your travel agency for the latest guidelines. Additional regulations may apply if you fly on airlines other than Thomas Cook Airlines, e.g. if feeder or connecting flights are operated by other airlines.