Baggage Allowance

Infant baggage

Baggage allowance for infants

Children under two years old sitting on an adults lap are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 10 kg. Baby carriages/strollers, cribs, and child car seats are transported in the cargo hold at no extra charge. There is no additional carry-on luggage allowance for infants.

For full details on weight allowances for the different classes as well as baggage charges see our hold baggage page.

Infant baggage information

Other items

Car/child seat

  • Child seats will be checked in to the hold.
  • If you have reserved a seat for your child you will need to bring your car seat on board.
  • The /child seat must be able to fit between the armrests of the aircraft seat and your child and the child seat need to be secured according to the seat manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the seat does not meet our requirements then our crew have the right to decline the seat on board. If this happens the seat will be put into the hold free of charge and the child will be secured by loop belts on an adult’s lap. A refund for the child seat reservation is not possible.
  • All window seats excluding emergency exit rows and one row before and behind the emergency exit rows are suitable for a child safety seat. If you are travelling as a family with two children using child safety seats it is possible to sit them together as long as they are window and middle seats.
  • The seat must show no defects and be approved for air transport and marked accordingly.



Stroller or Buggy

  • Must be completely collapsible and have a protective cover but may not contain any other items.

Travel Cot

  • This will be checked into the hold.